Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Images copyright GUSSONI-YOE STUDIO, Inc.

A friend gave me the first 16 issues of HAUNTED
HORROR recently (as well as as the first 6 of WEIRD
LOVE, and no it's not porn), so that's all the excuse I
need to have a cover gallery.  Here's the first half, the
second will follow before you know it.  And away we
go!  (Now that's what I call a short intro.)


John Pitt said...

Not familiar with Yoe comics, Kidda, so I await further instalments with much interest!
Very nice ( if that's the operative word? ) covers, we have come a long way since EC comics and their many imitators!

Kid said...

They're certainly interesting, JP, I'll say that for them.

Anonymous said...

Some of those horror comics have some great covers especially mixing the GG in as well. I only have a couple one being Web of evil No2 picked it up for the Jack Cole art especially the hanging splash page.
Classic Comics 13 is credited with being the first true horror comic 1943 I think. What was the first true British horror comic I cant think of any early ones at the moment.


Kid said...

I bought Haunted Horror #16 (now have 2 copies) for the tale 'The Man Who Outdistanced Death', which I'd first read in an Alan Class British reprint around 1967. As for the first true British horror comic, that would've been The Dandy in the last couple of years of its life. Ho ho! Seriously, I don't know because I'm not really too up on horror comics.

Rip Jagger said...

I was much tempted by these, but I knew quite frankly I'd not get around to reading them. At four bucks a pop it seemed a poor investment at the time. They are handsome little buggers though.

Rip Off

Kid said...

The main 'drawback' to them, RJ, is the fact that any imperfections in the original printing is reproduced since they've used original comics as their source material. Having said that, I'm sure some people prefer to see them the way they were originally published, so what I see as a drawback they'll view as a plus.

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