Monday, 31 July 2017



I showed you this DVD back in December, but have only now
got around to watching it.  Know what?  I really rather enjoyed it and
would heartily recommend it to all fans of the '60s BATMAN TV show.
CATWOMAN is seriously sexy for an animated drawing, and there's a
great moment when ADAM WEST uses the MICHAEL KEATON line
"You wanna get nuts...?  Let's get nuts!" from the 1989 movie.  The only
reservation I have is that Adam West does sound a bit old at times (well,
he was in his 80s), but I believe that technology exists for making people
sound younger (utilised in the CAPTAIN SCARLET TV ads featuring
FRANCIS MATTHEWS and ED BISHOP in the early '90s) so it's a
shame it wasn't used in this instance.  However, that's a minor thing,
and it's simply great to hear West and Ward playing the CAPED
CRUSADERS again.  And the other voice artists do a great
job sounding like the villains.  Well worth having.

Great to see the '60s BATMAN logo again

The opening credits are great - and don't miss the end ones

ADAM and BURT spy on JULIE's bedroom (he lied)

You'll gasp at some of the positions she assumes

LEE, JULIE and EARTHA - though only Julie's voice is the original


Phil S said...

I enjoyed this a lot but dis you notice the animation did not match the voices?

Kid said...

In what way exactly, PS? I didn't notice anything amiss, but I was ogling Catwoman's bod for most of the running time.

Phil S said...

The mouths moved but they weren't saying the words as spoken. Take a closer look

Kid said...

I'll check it out, PS, but here's an interesting fact. Sometimes when you pause a DVD then start it again, the audio can be a little out-of-sync. The way to sort it is to put it into forward slow-mo for a bit and that usually resets it. If you paused the DVD when you were watching it, maybe that's the reason the voices didn't match the mouth movement. Might be worth checking out.

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