Thursday, 15 June 2017


In case anyone's interested, I've got a few 'doublers'
of MARVEL MASTERWORKS that I've put up for sale
on eBay in order to clear space for new books as I get them.
I don't need the money, so they're priced at a very reasonable
sum, and just so long as they go to good and loving homes, I'll
be happy.  The first three valiant volumes are up now, so if
you're looking to plug any gaps in your Masterworks
hardcover collection, jump over to eBay now.

Further spare copies of books may pop up for sale as
I find them.  Meantime, here are pics of the current three.
They're all first printings and in excellent condition.


Colin Jones said...

My first ever issue of Spider-Man Comics Weekly was No.103 (part 1 of The Kingpin vs. The Schemer) so several of those covers take me back to my earliest days of reading Marvel comics :)

Kid said...

Just a shame you're not a collector, CJ. You could buy these goodies for practically a song and have them forever to love and cherish.

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