Tuesday, 6 June 2017


Saw this in yesterdays's DAILY EXPRESS, thought
you might enjoy seeing it too.  (I'm so considerate.)  Click
to enlarge, then click again for optimum size.


This adorable image shows an ultra-rare blond hedge-
hog rescued by an animal hospital.

Blond, or leucistic hedgehogs, have a partial loss of
pigmentation which results in pale colouration of every-
thing other than the eyes.

This particularly cute example, aptly named Blondie, was
brought into Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Aylesbury,
Buckinghamshire, late last year after wandering around
during the daytime suffering from malnutrition.

Blondie had been born in August and should have weighed
600g but was only a quarter of the size at 165g.

The tiny mammal was rehydrated and given antibiotics
by the centre's nurses.

Soon after arriving at Tiggywinkles, Blondie befriended
a hog named Smith and has gone from strength to strength
and is now fighting fit.

Despite the clean bill of health, Blondie has a weak immune
system and will never be released into the wild.  The unusual
colour would also be an invitation to predators.

Sharon Jacobs, a nurse at Tiggywinkles, said:  "Blondie
was very underweight when we got him and not at all
in a good state.

"Had he been in the wild for much longer there's no
way he would have survived.

"Soon after arriving here he made a friend and things
started to really look up - his health rapidly improved.

"We separated Blondie and Smith when they reached
400g, as you're supposed to do, but Blondie didn't like
that one bit so we put them back together."

By John Ingham


Colin Jones said...

Awwww...but the Daily Express...urghhh. At least you don't read the Daily Mail I suppose.

Kid said...

I usually don't even read The Daily Express, CJ - apart from the excellent Calvin & Hobbes strip in it.

Colin Jones said...

Actually, my mother's favourite paper was the Daily Mail but she had zero interest in politics.

Kid said...

At one time, as a young man, I occasionally used to buy The Sun. There were a couple of points I found interesting in it. (And it had Hagar The Horrible.)

John Pitt said...

Awh, what a little beaut! Is leucistic the same as albino?
I'm now ashamed to admit that I also used to buy the Sun, but only for Wack, but I didn't know it was a Tory paper, until the late seventies ( I never read the political ( boring ) stuff!

Kid said...

Not sure, JP, it would depend on whether Albinos' eyes are colourless or not. (Meaning I'm too lazy to look it up.)

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