Wednesday, 7 June 2017


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Wow!  It's been five months since the previous post in
this series.  Just where does the time go?  Anyway, here
we are with numbers 12-14 of SECRET ORIGINS from
too many years ago, leaving 'only' 36 issues still to go.

To be honest, a lot of the art in these stories is somewhat
bland, and it gives me a renewed appreciation for just what
a talented visual storyteller JACK KIRBY was in his prime.
The artwork in this series of mags is always professional, but
rarely rises above a competent level and is, for the most
part, uninspired and nothing to shout about.

However, I've started so I'll finish - just so long as you
Criv-ites want me to continue.  Do you remember any of
these comics from back in the day?  If so, then feel free to
share any reminiscences about them in our ever-lovin'
(but recently neglected) comments section.


Mike said...

Yeah like a lot of 70's and 80's comic art, nice , serviceable and OK to but the comics used for reading copies but no magic there.

Kid said...

The mystery of the missing magic, eh? Sounds like a cue for a great artist to step into the breach.

John Pitt said...

Yeah, sorry I've been neglecting your comments for a few days, Kidda, I keep falling behind and having to catch up!
Anyways, it might have been 5 months, but the post was worth waiting for!

Kid said...

As are my readers' comments, JP.

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