Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Found this in a box in the attic a couple of days or so
ago, and I have to confess it's a bit of a puzzler.  I assume
it was my late father's as it was in a box of his stuff, but just
how did he come by it?  The only thing I can think of is that it
was given to me by an IPC editor with a stack of other things
back around 1986, and because it was war-related (a subject
in which I have no interest), I gave it to my father who was
into the topic in a big way.  That seems the only logical
explanation, but If so, I've absolutely no memory of
 ever before seeing the envelope or its contents.

Amazing the mysteries that the depths of an attic can
yield, isn't it?  Going by the covering letter (below), the
sender was trying to drum up some freelance work with
FLEETWAY.  I wonder if he ever succeeded?  That'd be
an interesting tale, wouldn't it?  If I'm honest though, I'd
have to say that his  ideas don't strike me as being par-
ticularly inspired.  What think the rest of you?


Andrew May said...

I can never resist a mystery! After a bit of effort I decided the signature reads "Scott Dobson". I typed that into Google and found the following Wikipedia page, which seems to fit (right sort of age, location and career) - The article doesn't mention any comics work though.

Kid said...

Oh, thanks for that, AM, I'll be giving that a read the first chance I get. (Later this evening, busy just now.)

Kid said...

That's got to be him, AM. Nice to know he had a level of success in his chosen career. If indeed I did come into possession of this envelope through the auspices of an IPC editor (as I suspect), then I must have got it either not long before he died, or just after.

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