Saturday, 17 December 2016


Image copyright DC COMICS

Whaddya reckon?  I'd say this is a spectacular splash page, even
though all SUPERMAN's doing is sitting on a rock in the sea.  There's
just something about the way it's drawn that grabs the eye and makes the
reader want to know what's going to happen next.  Again, this one's by
CURT SWAN and MURPHY ANDERSON, the highly-regarded
'team supreme' from the sizzling '70s.


Christopher Nevell said...

One of those instantly recognised splashes from my childhood. Memories of the hardback Superman & Batman annual from Watson's sub post office and newsagents in Worthing. This strip also contained the mysterious sand-Superman who made a fly-by. Kid, what was his origin?

Kid said...

He was a being from another dimension called Quarrm (the dimension, not the being), released into our world by an explosion of an experimental Kryptonite engine designed to produce cheap electricity. Superman, approaching the engine from behind a lead shield, was hurled into the desert sand by the blast and the impression he left took his form and drained his powers whenever it got close. It wanted to take his place on Earth, but eventually realised it wouldn't be right and returned to his own dimension - with around half of Superman's powers.

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