Wednesday, 14 December 2016


Many years ago I had a dream.  I dreamt I was in a shop
and saw a CORGI TOYS ASTON MARTIN DB5, but in a
bigger scale than its previous two releases.  I opened up the box,
took out the car, looked at it, and was quite impressed by this new
model.  Then I awoke from my dream, realized I had only been
dreaming, and was slightly disappointed by the fact.

A couple of years later I'm upstairs in JOHN MENZIES,
and my eyes fall upon a familiar object.  A JAMES BOND
Aston Martin by Corgi toys, and it's the bigger scale model that
I saw and handled in my dream.  I'm astounded.  Had I had some
kind of prophetic vision, or was it simply a coincidence?  Surely
the latter, because there's no such thing as being able to see
into the future, is there?  Tell me, is there?

That was back in the '70s.  The car was issued in 1978, so
my dream must have preceded the actual event by a year or
two.  But such things don't happen, do they?  Tell me, do they?
It's because of my doubt over such things that I've begun to con-
sider other possibilities.  Could it be I'd seen the car, but forgot-
ten it, then had a dream about it as if I was seeing it for the first
time?  Perhaps that's why I believe that the dream came
first, but that I'm simply mistaken.

Thing is, I had the dream more than once before I saw
the car for what seemed like the first time in real life.  So
now I'm in the position of wondering exactly what to believe.
Did I see the car first (but forget), and then have the dream - or
could it have been precisely as I thought for many years after-
wards before the doubt set in?  Obviously it's got to be either
one or the other, but which one?  Tell me, which one?

Or maybe there is another explanation.  Perhaps it was
only in my dream that I felt I hadn't previously seen the car
before discovering it on sale in a shop.  That's to say, I'd seen
the car in a shop, but dreamt I hadn't spied it until after seeing
it in a dream;  a 'dream within a dream' in other words, that
never happened despite me believing it had.  (I sure hope
that makes some kind of sense to you all.)

Ever had anything similar happen to you?  Something
you think you dreamt about that seemingly came true, but
now you're not quite sure if you remember things as they ac-
tually happened, or whether time is merely playing tricks
with your memory.  Tell all in the comments section.


Colin Jones said...

A couple of years ago I dreamed that I was in my local Greggs and there were tables and chairs in there - then a few weeks later the old Greggs closed and relocated to a new shop nearby which now included a cafe section. I told the staff about my dream and they were amazed !! We have two Greggs shops in the town centre and the second shop also expanded to include a cafe area so my dream foretold it all !

Kid said...

So did the two Greggs in my town, CJ, and many (if not all) the ones in Glasgow, so that dream was pretty far reaching.

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