Wednesday, 28 December 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

It's still within the Festive period, so here's the cover of the
Christmas issue of one of the all-time great comics of yesteryear -
FANTASTIC!  It was just over halfway through its short lifespan
at this point, but readers didn't know that at the time.  In fact,
it's unlikely that publishers ODHAMS PRESS did either.

And look at the pic below:  MARVEL, DC, and Odhams
characters all on the one page.  Such a thing probably couldn't
happen today, so savour this classic moment from 1967.

Image copyright MARVEL COMICS, DC COMICS, & relevant owner


John Pitt said...

Oh why oh why did I sell them all?

Kid said...

You needed the money? Never mind, JP - at least you have all the front and back covers again, via this blog.

John Pitt said...

....And what a treat it was to get all those back, Kid!
I would put money that nobody appreciated all those posts more than I did!?'

Kid said...

Well, put that money my way, JP - I'm skint after Christmas.

John Pitt said...

One ("rubber") cheque on its way!

Kid said...

I'm sure the rubber will come in useful for something.

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