Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Anyone else have this problem?  When I've been on Blogger
for an hour or two ('though the time varies), some words disappear.
For example, it might be bold words in the text of the posts, or all words
on the page.  Sometimes when I type a response in the comments section,
no text comes up on screen, but if I re-open Google Chrome and bring
up my blog again, there are the words I typed.  It's as if certain words just
become invisible after a while.  Sometimes if I visit another site, it's the
exact same thing - missing words - either just certain ones or all
of them.

Is this Blogger's way of telling me I've been on too long, or is it
a fault with Blogger or Google Chrome browser?  Anyone know?
It doesn't seem to happen with anything except Blogger.


Britt Reid said...

Google's been implementing some changes to both Blogger and Photos, so it could be that.
I use FireFox on a Mac and I don't have the "disappearing copy" problem you seem to be suffering.
But, I do have problems now uploading pix that I didn't have before, so I guess it's a trade-off.

Kid said...

Thanks for that, Britt, 'though it's worrying that yours is the only response so far. Does that mean I'm the only one with this particular problem? I hope not.

Arfon Jones said...

I’ve had that, loosing a few paragraphs. Since singing its praises, Blogger has been acting up for me. I will attempt to post a second picture on a post and it will place the image everywhere but where I want it! On the top or bottom of the post scattering paragraphs everywhere! I find that it doesn’t like “Q & A” or “B & B” either if I update or edit a post it will write them out as “Q%$&” or “B%$B” very annoying… hope they sort it out!

Colin Jones said...

I've never seen any words disappear from a blog but sometimes I type a comment and the words don't appear so I have to wait for them to appear in the box. Yesterday I typed a comment to Bronze Age Babies and I was waiting for the green tick to appear before I could send it - but the tick took ages to appear and in frustration I just pressed publish anyway and then went away for a minute or so and when I came back my comment had arrived at the BAB comments section - I didn't think it could be sent until the green tick appeared which it hadn't. I hope that makes sense, Kid !

Kid said...

AJ, it's frustrating, isn't it? It never used to happen, so I don't know what Blogger is playing at. As for placement of pictures, they'll usually appear where you edit a published post. So, if you change a line, but want to add a pic elsewhere, unless you click on the space where you want it to appear, it'll pop up at the end of the sentence you've just edited.


That's happened to me as well, CJ, so it makes perfect sense. I've even typed in the wrong code on occasion and only noticed as I hit 'submit', but my comment has appeared anyway. Most times it doesn't 'though.

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