Saturday, 6 June 2015


Back cover of On The SCENE

Okay, it's only taken us about three years to get here, so let's
not waste another moment.  Nobody's getting any younger!


However good omnibus collections of comicbooks or magazines
may be, something is always missing.  The ads and the smell of the
paper are partly responsible for conjuring up the mood and memories
of the period  in which the publications of our youth were printed, and
without those elements, the magic of such volumes is likely to be
less potent than it otherwise could, would, and should be.

So having previously presented the contents of the 1966 one-
shot On The SCENE Presents SUPER HEROES, I thought I'd
complete the series by showcasing the ad pages in order to give you
a fuller flavour of the magazine and the time in which it first appeared.
As well as ads for AURORA plastic kits, there's a plethora of various
other pulsating products that American kids had at their fingertips,
and British kids could, in the main, only dream of.

Hopefully these scans will somewhat satiate your yearnings for
yesteryear - even if only in a small way.  So what are you all waiting
for?  The past awaits your presence, and will not be denied.  The
present will still be here when you're ready to return.


TC said...

These do bring back some memories of summer in the late 1960's. When I was ten, the ads in the back of Warren magazines seemed as interesting as the articles or stories.

By the late 1970's, the advertising space had increased to the point where the ads took up almost half the page count.

Kid said...

Warren mags from the '60s were still turning up on the spinner-racks in some shops even in the early '70s, TC, so I tend to associate these ads with both decades.

Phil said...

I've never seen the Wonder Woman kit. I had the Batman kit I'm pretty sure. But of course after a kiddie paint job it looked like crap and went in the trash that's why I don't have it. In fact I don't think I even knew the Wonder Woman model even existed,

Kid said...

Phil, Moebius Models re-issued the kit a few years ago. In fact, although it's now discontinued, old stock may still be lying around in a few shops somewhere. And it'll be available on eBay.

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