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CAPTAIN BRITAIN #17 was a bit of a mess!  Due to a printer's
error, it included some pages from #18 (in place of the intended pages),
which meant that the entire colour content didn't make much sense.  The
following issue contained a complete and correct extra colour section of
the previous week's pages, to enable readers to construct a coherent
comic for their collection.  (At the printer's expense, no doubt.)

However, to spare you the confounding confusion, I've posted the
pages in the order that they should've been, not as they were.  That's
the kind of considerate chum I am to all Criv-ites (and Criv-kids) every-
where.  You'd like to thank me, you say?  Well, simply enjoy the plethora
of impressive images before you and perhaps proffer a comment on
your own personal memories of them.  That'll be thanks enough.

The above pin-up was first published (in full-colour) in FF Annual #2.  This
 version previously appeared (with green spot colour) in MWOM #17

The highlighted curves on the Contessa's bottom were blacked-in so that
red-blooded teenagers wouldn't get too excited and burst a blood vessel


John Pitt said...

This is the point when I got my first ever MWOM!
Another excellent, generous post, Kid!

Kid said...

I know, JP - I'm almost as famous for my generosity as I am for my humility.

Phil said...

I remember those. It's quite bizarre looking at the difference in art between Steranko, Buscema and Kirby, then we get the artist who did the black and white Cap A meets Cap B poster. It's like dudes couldn't you have afforded to pay for a better artist?

Kid said...

Actually, Phil, I don't think that's a bad drawing at all. I suspect the artist was trying to capture the 'Kirby' look, and compromised his own style in the process. Some colour would've given it a little 'life', I think. It seems to have worked on the FF pin-up (which first appeared on the back of a Treasury Edition) because that's hardly JK at his finest. Some of the new splash pages are decidedly dodgy 'though.

Colin Jones said...

That wasn't the only time Marvel UK had mixed-up pages - Savage Sword Of Conan (monthly) No.8, 9 and 11 all had some pages printed in the wrong order, once was bad enough but three times out of four issues was ridiculous - it really p*ssed me off at the time.

Kid said...

Also, they couldn't always make up their mind on where a story split. In at least one ish of MWOM, they had a 'continued next issue' box on the page where they'd decided to cut an FF tale in two. When you turned the page, there was the next one, with the same caption box. That's why I once said that some British Marvel mags sometimes had a 'makeshift' quality about them.

baab said...

I was thinking Herb Trimpe did alright with this project.
It lacked something but it is alright.

And then there it was,ping!

That drawing of Cap and Cap shaking hands.

I have to the left of me a pile of these early Captain Britain comics,well within arms reach.
But I cant be bothered reading them due to the lack of pizzazz,and i can read the other strips in better quality elsewhere.
If I had bothered to read or flick through them i would have seen that drawing of Cap and Cap shaking hands,and remembered the pondering.

I probably thought about it for the rest of the week.

It suggested to me that I wanted a set of RotRing pens.

Steranko's SHIELD is what I consider capturing the 'Kirby' look.
What a spectacular rip-off.
I first read some of these stories in an Alan Class comic.
Just wonderful.
True Pizzazz!

Kid said...

Steranko was emulating Kirby, I think, but taking it a few steps further. The CA & CB artist was trying to 'suggest' JK without doing an outright imitation, I think. Yeah, it does look like it was done with Rotring pens, 'though I was thinking more a BIC ballpoint.

Phil said...

Btw I only read those FF stories once, the post Kirby era, the Busema era. does anyone know if they have been reprinted in the Marvel Masterworks color reprints and what issues? I would like to re read them.

Kid said...

Yup, issues 117-128 were printed in FF Masterworks Volume 12. ('Thunder In The Ruins' is #118.)

Phil said...

I was reading the archives of comics should be good and Brian Cronin pointed out that Lance Hunter, agent on the SHIELD tv show, was introduced in Captain Britain as head of STRIKE. I completely forgot until I saw the story. I remember it now, because he had a bowler hat and he was balding. Because as we know, everyone in Britain in the 1970s walked around with a bowler hat.

Kid said...

Well, maybe those who were balding wore bowler hats? Thanks for the link, Phil - I'll check it out.

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