Saturday, 28 February 2015


Wow!  Time certainly has a habit of racing away from you, eh?
Who'd believe that it's been 10 months since the last instalment of
our super SMASH! Cover Gallery from way back in the late 1960s
and early '70s?  WARRIORS Of The WORLD came to an end with its
46th appearance and, after a free gift issue, SIMON TEST became the
permanent front cover star for the rest of the comic's run.  So here's yet
another half dozen issues to remind you of what you were maybe read-
ing back then, if you're as ancient as I am.  Got any reminiscences
associated with these comics?  Then let's have 'em, Criv-ites!


John Pitt said...

Slowly, but surely, all those boxes are coming down again out the attic, eh?
But can you remember all the series you were part-way through before the big disaster?
Nice to see Smash back anyway.

Kid said...

Of course I remember, JP. I have a photographic memory - it just hasn't developed yet. (Boom-boom!)

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