Sunday, 22 February 2015


From WHAM! #52, June 12th 1965

Oh, your luck's in, Criv-ites!  Here are five - count 'em, five - panting
pages of KEN REID's barmy strip, FRANKIE STEIN, from one of Britain's
finest comics of the '60s - WHAM!  Who else gives you such value for money
('specially as you don't pay any) in this day and age?  I'm unsure if I've posted
any of these classics already ('cos I'm too lazy to check), but it doesn't much
matter as they're always worth another look regardless of whether you've
seen them before.  Surely that's a sentiment with which you'd all agree?

So don't hang about - fling yourselves right into these masterpieces,
from a time when comics were funny and well-drawn - not something
that can be claimed for many of the mediocre 'magazines' of today!
From WHAM! #53, June 19th 1965

From WHAM! #54, June 26th 1965

From WHAM! #55, July 3rd 1965

From WHAM! #56, July 10th 1965

And below is the cover of a super book that you may be able to track
down on eBay.  It contains every strip that Ken Reid drew for Wham! -
including JASPER THE GRASPER.  That reminds me - I once created
a character-name clearly inspired by Jasper, called THATCHER THE
SNATCHER.  This was a few years before anyone had heard of a
certain Prime Minister with the same surname.


John Pitt said...

I"m off to EBay right now!!

Kid said...

Best of luck, JP. (It won't be cheap.)

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Brilliant stuff Kid I haven't seen any of these before, it still amazes me how wild these childrens strips were (I love the ghosts in the last strip - they could have been a good Reid characters) are these from the same book/collection you bought recently?, if so good luck getting one John I think I read (possibly on here) there were only 20 copies published.

So do we get a look at your "Thatcher the snatcher" character?

Kid said...

They are indeeed, McScotty. I used to scan them from my actual copies of Wham!, but it's easier just to use the book now. Yup, I did mention when I first got the book that there had been only 20 copies made, but were there to be an 'official' version, I'd buy that as well. Thatcher would have been a rip-off of Jasper, but perhaps set in modern times. I never got around to actually drawing him - just making a list of (usually) alliterative names for around 20 or 30 characters. I've still got that list somewhere.

John Pitt said...

No sign anywhere, lads!

Kid said...

Don't give up hope, JP. Mine popped up for sale on eBay within a very short time of me first learning that it even existed.

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