Saturday, 14 February 2015


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Tempus Fugit indeed.  It's been over seven months since I posted
the previous part of this series, but here, at last, is the latest instalment
in the FOOM cover and image gallery.  This issue has quite a bit of meat
MARS and TARZAN, as published by MARVEL in comicbook 
form at the time this 'in-house' publication was available. 

Anyway, if you're a member of this blog, it's not because of any-
thing I have to say, so I won't hold you back from the good stuff any
longer.  And don't miss the FOOMtastic British Feature Page near
the bottom of this post for (old) news about the British STAR WARS
magazine.  Ah, it's just like 1978 all over again, don'cha think?

Coming soon:  The last two issues of  FOOM (#21 & 22).


(Click on images to enlarge, click again for optimum size.)

Copyright 1978 Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.


Colin Jones said...

I think I've mentioned this before but I only ever bought one issue of Tarzan and one issue of John Carter - I bought them both together in WH Smith's in August 1979 with one other Marvel comic (which I can't remember the name of) - when I went to pay for them the woman at the till charged me for only two comics not three. Of course, I should have been honest and pointed out her mistake but I just kept quiet and got a free comic.

Kid said...

I'm grassing you up, CJ. I'm lifting the 'phone to call the police right now. (Just as well you never admitted it to your dad, eh? He'd have bounced you off the wall.)

baab said...

Some lovely thumbs by Gil Kane on a couple of those Carter pages.

I remember really enjoying Gil Kane's run on Gullivar Jones, Warrior Of Mars.

I had a wee look online for the correct title due to the John Carter title and discovered that Gullivar Jones was in print first.

And I looked in the comments section of the blog I was reading,and there I was in 2011 making comment.
Still learning.

Kid said...

We're ALL still learning, Baab. No one knows everything. I think I preferred the DC version of Carter, but that's probably because it was the first one I read. I've got a few of the Marvel ones, but I can't really remember much about them.

John Pitt said...

Learning? I have learnt TONS since I got the internet and started visiting comic blogs! I thought I knew a fair bit, just because I love/ collected comics, but I soon realised just how LITTLE I did know!
BUT, it's really enjoyable learning more and more. I have often thought, "What an enjoyable subject Comicsology would be if taught in school!"
If only, eh?

Kid said...

I sometimes 'studied' it in school anyway, JP. Teacher didn't know of course.

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