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As promised, here's the second part of WHIZZER & CHIPS #1 to help you recapture a long-vanished slice of your childhood - if you were a child back in 1969 that is.  It's hard for me to believe I originally bought this comic when it first came out nearly 45 years ago, but yes - I really am that old, despite my youthful good looks and full, luxuriant head of hair.  I've even got all my own teeth - and I don't mean the kind that are kept in a glass of water at night.  However, before this starts to read like an ad in a dating agency, I'll shut up and let you get on with reading the following strips.  I could end by saying "You've had your Chips!", but that would be too obvious a pun, wouldn't it?

BONUS:  Here's one of the flyers for the new weekly WHIZZER & CHIPS.


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

WOW Karate Kid,Dare Devil and Aqua Lad all in one comic -:) Was "Space School" drawn by the same guy that drew the Cloak in Pow!. I love the Scottish School teacher in that strip, we loved our stereotypes in UK comics back then didn't we just look at Karate Kid !!! W&C was an excellent comic I really like the mix of humour and adventure and still think it would work today - would love to see some others if you get the chance - get blog again

baab said...

Saturday morning and my dad is going to the shop for rolls and newspapers and he asks me if I want a comic brought back.
I am watching t.v. and its Marine Boy on the screen.
So I tell my dad I want a Marine Boy comic.

I was disappointed when he hit me with Whizzer and Chips.
Looking at the strips you have kindly presented,I have a vague memory of my dad pointing to Aqua Lad and making some quip in regard to him just being the same as Marine Boy.

Then again I have a conflicting memory where my dad brings in a copy of T.V.Comic and not Whizzer and Chips.

I could ask him, but I know he wont remember.

I remember really liking Whizzer and Chips and continued to read it until the super heroes really got a grip on me.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Ooh, I recognise a lot of these from Mike Higgs' Giant Holiday Fun Comic Album...

What with their reliance on reprints and so on, it seems like Whizzer & Chips never really changed all that much through its run.

Kid said...

Yup, McScotty - Mike Higgs is his name - although I was never as keen on anything else he drew after The Cloak. (And I really only liked that for Shady Lady.)


I also remember the cartoon series of Marine Boy, Baab - Gigantor was another favourite of mine.


CJ, it was merely a gimmick so that kids thought they were getting two comics for the price of one. Also, the names had a nice ring to them.


It lost the adventure strips, THB - which I always thought was a mistake. And, eventually, they gave up on the idea of separating the comics into two. I wish it was still around.

baab said...

I never saw Gigantor as a child.I did however fall into it a few years ago .
For some reason one of my kids discovered it somewhere.
I bought a live action dvd (Tetsujin 28)and a few figures for them.
The movie was standard japanese fair.
The figures were cool.
It is interesting that you will refer to it as Gigantor and my kids and I will refer to it as Tetsujin 28.

Back to the matter in hand,I reckon I was fooled into believing I was getting two comics for the price of one.

Kid said...

The original Japanese name is Tetsujin 28, Baab, but it was renamed Gigantor for the English language versions in the '60s (or whenever), which is why I refer to it as I do. I've got the robot figure and his kid buddy figures.

Gey Blabby said...

When it came to comics, the main problem for me back then (as it is today) was that my pocket money didn't stretch far enough. So some were essential buys, while others, like this, were a luxury to be bought only on special occasions — like when we had relatives visiting who, when they were leaving, would press a ten bob note (or a coin later on) into my greedy hand. Still, I must have picked up a few along the way, as a lot of these seem awfully familiar.

All these years, whenever I saw mention of Gigantor, I would sing the memorable theme song, which had stuck in my mind. Only it seems it wasn't as memorable as I thought: when I watched it on Youtube after reading this, it turns out the lyrics I sing are totally wrong, and, in fact, nothing like the original at all.

Kid said...

Regarding the Gigantor lyrics - I haven't checked on YouTube - but I seem to remember 'Gigantor - bigger than big, stronger than strong...' and that's all I recall. YouTube beckons.

it was a rare occasion that I or my brother got a ten bob note pressed into our mitts by departing visitors back in the '60s, GB - it was usually a florin or half a crown

Gey Blabby said...

The posh relatives might stretch as far as ten bob, Kid, while others might settle for two or half-a-crown — all gratefully accepted, of course.

I always thought it was
'Gigantor the space age robot, in this world of mine',
so where I got that from I don't know.

Kid said...

Yeah, I was just repeating part of the chorus, not the opening lines - which did start 'Gigantor the space-age robot' and then I think it went something like 'he's at my (or your) command'. Still to check YouTube.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Another one I had forgotten about was Gigantor (liked Marine Boy as well). I remember in the early 80s the silly song punk (type)band the "Dickies" released the Gigantor theme tune as a single (they are more famous for their version of the "Banana Splits" theme) I used to play that a lot in my car (on tape) and from that tune I remember the lines :

"Gigantor (repeated)

Gigantor the space age robot he's at your command
Gigantor the space age robot
his power is in your hand
bigger than big
taller than tall
quicker than quick...
then I started to sing the theme to the "Banana Splits" in my head and lost the plot

Gawd I'm such a geeek!!

Kid said...

That's all right, McScotty - we're all geeks here. Now that you've reminded me, that's the lyrics I remember hearing all those years ago. Funny thing is, I still recalled them for years afterwards - it's only relatively recently that I've started to forget them.

John Pitt said...

Nothing wrong with being a geek! I'm proud of being a geek!
Nerds , though....that's another matter!

Kid said...

The Geeks & the Nerds - could be the modern day equivalent of The Swots & the Blots. Whaddya think, JP?

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