Wednesday, 9 July 2014


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We're getting there, slowly but surely - only another three issues
to go 'til we complete our journey through the magnificence, the
magic, the MARVEL that was FOOM.  Okay, that's an exaggeration
merely to indulge in a bit of alliterative word-play, but FOOM had some
good content throughout its 22 issue run.  This time around it's The
DEFENDERS that comes under the spotlight, but there's also an
interesting look into the mind of JACK KIRBY and his working
relationship with STAN LEE.  (See preview page below.)

Was Jack simply saying what he thought, career-wise, was the
right thing to say, or were the sentiments he expressed sincere and
genuine?  They're certainly at odds with what he later said in the now-
infamous GARY GROTH interview a few short years before he died.
(Although Jack later regretted and recanted some of his more bitter as-
sertions and accusations when it was pointed out that they didn't really
bear serious scrutiny.)  So what did Jack really think?  We'll probably
never know for sure, but I'd prefer to believe that Jack was telling
it like it was in the comments below - before frustration at per-
ceived injustices he believed he was victim to set in.

Anyway, remember that you can enlarge an image by
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John Pitt said...

I've got to confess - I never saw a single issue of FOOM till you started showing them and I'm so glad that you are as they are priceless gems.
As well as giving me back a lot of stuff I used to own, you also give me gems I missed.

Kid said...

A satisfied customer! Quick - pickle him and preserve him in a jar! Thanks for the kind words, JP.

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