Friday, 18 July 2014


From WHAM! #126, November 12th, 1966

Who doesn't love KEN REID's FRANKIE STEIN?  Just as I
expected - total silence, because everybody with any taste adores the
friendly monster from the pages of WHAM!, published by ODHAMS
PRESS between mid-1964 and the beginning of '68.  Seeing, therefore,
that you're such discerning fans, I thought I'd bestow upon you (purely
out of the goodness of my heart, natch) a couple of pages of grumpy
ol' PROFESSOR CUBE's laboratory-created offspring.  Com-
ments of appreciation would be, er...appreciated.  Ta!

(Incidentally, I used to own the original art to the above page -
and still possess an actual-size, high-quality laser-scan of it, which
captures Ken's art in all its finely-crafted detail.  Below is a close-up
of part of it for you to salivate over!  Click to enlarge, then click
again.  Absolutely bleedin' brilliant, innit?)

From WHAM! #159, July 1sr, 1967


John Pitt said...

I had this copy, now I have a piece of it back again! I wish I had all the Power comics back again. Sigh, if only....

Kid said...

Maybe one day, JP. Perhaps you should collect the Annuals - that would make your wish simpler to achieve. You should check out eBay.

George Shiers said...

That panel on the bottom left of the first page is absolutely stunning! What on Earth made you part with the artwork?

Kid said...

Filthy lucre, George - filthy lucre.

George Shiers said...

Nice to see what the original artwork looks like - although I see they made only Thadius Therm say that "'Elp! 'Elp! AGH-H-H!" in the panel I referred to before, instead of both him and Frankie.

Philip Crawley said...

Amazing - you think Ken Reid's strips are detailed enough at normal viewing size but that close up has detail to spare! Those two goo-covered heads are literally dripping with it. Pun intended. As always thanks for posting these.

Kid said...

If you look closely at the published page, George, you'll see that the tail to Frankie has been drawn, but not filled, in. Someone obviously noticed later and finished the job - perhaps for a reprint. The word 'happen' is also missing from a panel in the printed strip, but has been restored on the original art.


Glad you enjoyed them, PC. The original art is a revelation compared to the printed page, eh?

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