Monday, 28 July 2014


You can just tell, can't you?

Never having been one to shy away from controversy, I
confront lies head on, not ignore them in the hope they'll go away.
Not for me the fear that someone might read them and believe them
to be true.  That's the insidious nature of lies - the liar doesn't have to
prove them, simply plant them and allow them to take root.   And let's
be honest - if it's lies about someone we're not too keen on, we're some-
times far too ready to think there might be some truth behind them.  And
let's face it, with my frank and forthright opinions on the state of British
comics and the deterioration in the quality of some of the content, I'm
hardly Mr. Popular.  There are people out there who are only too
willing (and eager) to believe the worst about me.  After all, I've
committed the heinous crime of not being overly-impressed
by what they do.

Recently, artist DAVID LEACH decided to thrust himself to
the forefront and comment on my post about the falsehoods being
perpetuated about me on the blog (and elsewhere) of one of his pals
and fellow cartoonists in the comics industry (such as it is these days).
You'll have heard the old saying about not suffering fools gladly - well, I
don't suffer them at all, and instead of pandering to his over-inflated ego
(which dwarfs by far any degree of talent he may have), I gave him short
shrift.  In a petulant, huffy fit, he retaliated by indulging in a catalogue of
outrageous lies, which he knows aren't true, but are designed purely
to insult me and damage my reputation as a former professional
lettering artist (and loveable human being).

You can read them in the comments section of this post.
That a professional comics contributor should resort to such fla-
grant fabrications in an attempt to damage the credibility and reputa-
tion of someone like myself - who is renowned for being meek and mild,
humble and modest, self-effacing and introverted  (okay, I admit I may be
stretching credulity with that part) - perfectly illustrates the kind of devious
disingenuity to which certain egocentric people are all too readily prepared
to resort, in their attempts to deride those they seek to silence.  I  find it
ironic that, under the pretence of condemning abusive and insulting
comments on someone else's blog, he indulges in the exact same
sort of behaviour himself.  And what's worse, lies through
his immensely fat @rse while doing so.

After all, if there were any truth to his claims, it would be far
easier not to publish them and thereby avoid the ensuing hassle.  I,
however, prefer to demonstrate just what these people are like - warts
and all.  And isn't it strange how the few individuals who attempt to shout
me down by spreading falsehoods and distortions are all friends with one
another?  I somehow very much doubt that it's merely a coincidence.
What do you call those who gang up to harass someone else?
Ah, that's right - bullies.

They should've picked on someone who's easily intimidated.


Mr Straightman said...

I'm downloading his Come Dine With Me episode right now. Promises to be interesting viewing...

Kid said...

I couldn't watch it all - he truly comes across as an odious, oily little creep. He doesn't seem to have an embarrassment gene in the whole of his fat body. Looks like Cyril Blot, don't you think?

Mr Straightman said...

WOW. That was really something!
I've never watched Come Dine With Me before so this was an entirely new experience - and not a very pleasurable one.
"Quail come to my home"... dear oh dear.

Kid said...

I think it tells you something about a person when everyone cringes at their "here, over here - look at me, look what I'm doing" behaviour except for them. Some people lack the decency to be embarrassed for being embarrassing.

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