Thursday, 24 July 2014


REG PARLETT was one of the greats!  Anyone who knows any-
thing about the history of British comics art would never even consider
disputing that simple, incontrovertible fact for a second.  Anything and
everything he drew was imbued with a spontaneity and deftness of line
that was effective, pleasing on the eye, funny, and seemingly (and no
doubt deceptively) easily accomplished.

What we have here is an episode of RENT-A-GHOST LTD.,
from the March 17th 1973 issue of BUSTER.  Each panel has been
scanned from the original art, and - thanks to IRMANTAS from the
wonderful KAZOOP blog - I can show the published page to allow
you to do a direct comparison, enabling you  to appreciate Reg
Parlett's artwork at its finest!

And, to my eyes, that's mighty fine indeed!


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Great to see Reg Parlett's original art - I put Reg right up there with the very best - the thing I liked about him was he drew mostly adult characters (and a certain cat..and some crows) and not just kids. My Saturday morning comics always had at least two or three Reg Parlett strip when I was a kid, everyone was a gem.

Kid said...

And, of course, he drew Buster himself for a good long run. I never saw a Reg Parlett strip that wasn't an absolute joy to look at, McScotty. A terrific artist.

George Shiers said...

Another excellent piece of artwork.

Kid said...

You can depend on Reg Parlett not to let you down, George.

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