Saturday, 19 July 2014


Ah, MADDIE - now this is what I call a woman.  Why
none of the gals I've ever gone out with looked this good,
I'm not quite sure.  (Don't tell 'em I said so.)  So why do I
suddenly feel I missed out on something?  And where's
my magnetic watch when I need it?


Barry Pearl said...

I'll give you a hint of who my Number one dame of the day would be. First she wears leather.
Second, she is an Avenger! At the time, the only female Avenger, although not the first.

That's right. My favorite Avenger, the babe of my day would be Diana Rigg! She's also my favorite Bond Girl

moonmando said...

All these gorgeous women you keep posting. I think you're needing to sharpen your pencil Kid, if you get my drift! ;)

Kid said...

Good choice, Barry. I think I prefer Honor Blackman 'though. (It really depends which photo I'm looking at.)


Can't, Moony. My sharpener's blunt. (Eh?)

Barry Pearl said...

I think I prefer Honor Blackman 'though

As a Bond girl or as an Avenger?

Kid said...

As a woman, Barry - as a woman. (Let's be honest, 'though - it's not as if I'd ever have had the choice, eh?)

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