Monday, 27 January 2014


It's amazing what one can find whilst digging through cupboards.
Case in point, the set of cards which now adorns this page.  I must've
been 19 when one of the drivers (I think) for the BAIRDS department
store stockroom I worked in, asked me to draw a set of cards for a
game he'd come up with designed to teach kids road safety.

I can no longer recall if I gave him copies before I left the store
to work in my local library, or if he ever pursued his idea, but I was
quite proud of the pencilled prototypes which you see before you.  I think
I've still got the rules of the game, so perhaps I should approach a games
company and see if I can get them interested.  Of course, then I'd have to
try and track down the game's originator, and I'm not sure if he's still
alive after all this time or, indeed, even what his name is.

Where's SHERLOCK when you need him? 


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Seems like a cute game. Love noticing the use of a Breathalyzer here, would not have thought of that myself but then I don't drink!

Kid said...

I found the instructions, Chris. The game's called 'Taxi'. Perhaps I should ink in the cards and finish them. They were drawn eight to an A4 sheet - I really should have drawn them larger.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

That's pretty interesting. You outta look into seeing what you could do with this on your own if you think you might have a way to publish this on your own!

Kid said...

I'd have to try and track down the fella who originated it, Chris, and I wouldn't know where to start. The store is long-gone and I think the driver may've worked for a company that delivered to the store, rather than the store itself. I can't even remember his name or what he looked like.

DeadSpiderEye said...

So did the guy pass the breathalyser because he bribed the noddy with a bottle of gin?

Kid said... a fiver.

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