Friday, 24 January 2014


If you missed out on THE BROONS magazine in THE SUNDAY
POST recently, my local newsagent was supplied with a stack of them -
but no newspapers to go with them. I'm sure I could negotiate an acceptable
price with him (including post & packing) for anyone desperate for a copy,
so contact me via the comments section if you're interested. I use comment
moderation, so your details will remain private. All dosh will be going to
the newsagent's, not me, so relax - I won't be seeing a penny of it.

Containing poems by ROBERT BURNS, features, and comic strips
DAVIDSON), it's a nice little collectors' item, so grab one now!


Colin Jones said...

This very same item is on Lew Stringer's 'Blimey' blog! A few years ago I read that in America there are more statues of Robert Burns than any other person.My dad was from Glasgow but I don't think he had any idea when Burns night was, he didn't drink or like poetry. He also never once used the word 'crivens' - I'd never heard the word until I started reading your blog. He used plenty of other Scottish slang though, my favourite was 'bawheed'(ballhead) for anybody he considered stupid or ignorant.

Kid said...

Really? Hardly surprising, I suppose, seeing as both his blog and mine are about comics. 'Crivens' is a Scottish word, but not so much a Glasgow one. Glad to see my blog has some educational value, 'though doubtless you'd have seen the word long before now if you'd been a Broons or Oor Wullie reader.

Thanks for commenting.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

One of the benefits of working in a newsagents means I got myself a copy of this without having to buy the newspaper that goes with it, arf arf!

It was a nice surprise, certainly, and made me appreciate working on a Sunday for once.

Kid said...

Don't forget to get the giveaway this coming Sunday, THB.

Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Burns is an amazingly popular and influential character so it doesn't surprise me he has so many statues (although wasn't aware he had so many in the USA)I know he is massive in Russia and parts of Canada and China and of course influenced writers like Steinbeck. He was for his time (and for today as well really) an amazing humanitarian that spoke out strongly about slavery, racism and the poor man, so much so Muhammad Ali insisted on visiting his home in Alloway to pay "tribute" to him, and of course some of his phrases are in common use ie (Anglicised versions) "a mans a man for all that" "mice and men" and of course "auld lang Syne (old times sake) etc -Still I'll be buying this for the Broons which says a lot about me sadly lol McSCOTTY

Kid said...

McScotty, I have to confess - I only got it for the comic strips myself. I remember once visiting Burn's cottage way back when I was a schoolboy in a previous century (20th), and wondering why John Cairney lived in such a small house. (He joked.)

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