Thursday, 16 January 2014


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

I'm sure you all know about the HACHETTE PARTWORKS
series of MARVEL books by now, but I thought I'd remind you that
Part 2, which is currently on sale, contains a recoloured presentation
of AMAZING FANTASY #15 - SPIDER-MAN's first appearance.
 This version was originally available in 2012 as part of Spidey's 50th
anniversary, and makes for an interesting comparison to the
original 1962 issue, colour-wise.

I think the new colouring job gives the art an extra depth and has
been very well-done, although I have some reservations about the
choice of colours used.  (I'd prefer to see something closer to the
original colour palette, but with the modern, almost 3D look.)

Unfortunately, the book perpetuates the official myth about AF
#15, long since debunked by the actual facts of the case (see here),
but, that apart, it's well-worth £6.99.  (Regular price from Part will
be £9.99.)  Part 1 also contains an error, in that it lists IRON MAN's
first appearance as TALES Of SUSPENSE #29, as opposed to #39.
Probably just a typo 'though, as a thumbnail of the issue's cover
was included.

So, what are you waiting for?  ON SALE NOW!


Paul McScotty -Muir said...

Have to say it is very nice colouring but I don't like it here, can't put my finger on why but (could well be as you say the colour pallet has changed) I think Ditkos art looks better with the older "flatter" colours . Neal Adams (and his team) have re coloured some of his older work and it looks good in his more realistic art style (although again I much prefer the original comic book feel) The colours here look like they are trying to redraw / hide or update Ditkos art to appeal to the "Image" comics fan (if that makes any sense) - Hey I'm probably just an old fart and don't like change - cover looks good though -McScotty

Kid said...

I think it's more the choice of colours (in some places) that don't work for me, more than the '3D' look, McScotty. I do like the splash page 'though. I'd like to see all the origin stories recoloured, but closer to the original colour schemes.

John Pitt said...

Well I was only going to buy #1, but seeing those pages has sold me on the second ish! No more though - I did get the first few last year, but totting up £600 for the full set convinced me to cancel after about eight books.

Kid said...

Hi, JP. I think I'll only buy the ones (if any) which appeal to me. They are expensive for a full set, but more than that, I just don't have the space for all of them.

baab said...

It looks terrible to me.
Now maybe if they had used the technique
with the original palette,as I think Kid has suggested,
it may have looked better.

Then again my first exposure to these pages were in british re-prints and that will color my judgement.

did ye see whit a did therr!

Kid said...

I sure did - you misspelt 'colour' and hyphenated 'reprint'. (I'm swotting up for a pedantry exam.) Did I say I like the splash page?

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