Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I'm feeling fair chuffed with myself.  Here's why.  About 33 years ago,
I bought a pack of 'Heritage Library' book covers, the purpose of
which was to transform paperbacks into hardbacks to make them look
more impressive on one's bookshelf.  I duly performed the operation -
which involved removing the backing from the adhesive interiors of the
covers and inserting the books - on three or four paperbacks I had.

The results were not quite so impressive as I had imagined and I
immediately regretted my rash action.  Too late. alas - the new covers
could not be removed from the books without inflicting major damage,
so I just had to live with them.  One of the volumes was a paperback of
The Wind In The Willows, which I vaguely noticed was now the
precise dimensions of an actual hardback edition of the book I also
possessed, but it was to be quite some time before my mighty brain
'joined the dots' and came up with a rescue plan.

Anyway, to cut a long story to a slightly shorter (but still too long)
one, the other day I rediscovered said transformed book and decided
to restore it to some semblance of normality.  I dug out my copy of the
'genuine' hardback and scanned the dustjacket, and then printed off a
replica of it, resulting in a perfect fit for the compromised edition.  All
I need do now is obtain a clear protective sleeve for the dustjacket,
and the book's integrity will be fully restored.

Don't believe me?  See for yourself in the accompanying
photos.  Not a bad job at all, if I say so myself.


Colin Jones said...

Very ingenious but I'm wondering why you had both a paperback and a hardback Wind In The Willows.I've never heard of those stick-on hardback covers before. These days I try not to buy paperbacks if possible- if I can't get the hardback of something I buy the digital version although last week I bought an ebook version of a novel even though the hardback was in Tesco the same day.

Kid said...

Very simple, Colin - I collect different editions of TWITW and have many different paperback and hardback copies of the book. I don't think those stick-on hardback covers were much of a success - I can't recall ever seeing them again once I'd bought a pack.

moonmando said...

Another great tip is to cover all your precious books with leftover wallpaper remnants.It not only protects,but also adds a bit of colour to your collection.
Worked a treat with all my old school jotters.
Also think of the money you`ll save.
You can thank me later,once you`ve recovered from your swooning fit. :)

Kid said...

Just so long as you don't paste the wallpaper remnants onto the books, Moony - otherwise you'd be stuck with them - literally.

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