Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Come with me now on a voyage of discovery as we return to an
earlier era;  when the sky was bluer, the air was purer, and we were
all eager adventurers in the enchanted and magical kingdom of
childhood that we thought was ours forever.

Or, if you prefer a less fanciful way of putting it, let's take a
look back at The MIGHTY WORLD Of MARVEL in the month
of December in the year 1972.  JIM STARLIN is still producing the
covers of this new weekly periodical, which is yet only a couple of
months old in its seven year existence before being renamed in
1979.  (MARVEL COMIC, in case you were wondering.) 

The Big JOHN BUSCEMA illustration (2nd pic below) is a
preview of the free poster awarded to readers who mutilated their
comics by cutting out the tokens every week to send away for it.
Trust me, the poster was more vivid and far sharper in colour
and detail than the preview would suggest.

So - previews, pin-ups, and puzzle pages!  What more could
Merry Marvelite ask for?  Stories?  Don't worry, it had those
as well.  What a bargain for only 5 pence.  Now excuse me while
I slobber over that pic of SUSAN STORM - I'm in lurv!

Don't miss Part Four! 


baab said...

I loved the info posters and posters by Ditko and Kirby.

What I really hated was the inclusion of a puzzle page with the truly mundane MAZE.

I thought the puzzle pages were for kids, and I recall having to hide my comics from my younger brother.

Imagine the horror of reading a previous issue and discovering felt pen lines soaking through the artwork from a MAZE on the other` side.

On the other hand,my brother is no longer alive,but I have some old British issues with panels coloured in and I know who did it.
And it makes me smile.

Kid said...

Good to hear that he left his mark on the world. Whenever I look at the scratches on the outside of the back door I remember my dog - and smile. Wasn't too happy at the time 'though.

Mel said...

I couldn't bear to cut the tokens out so I re-drew the poster on a large sheet of paper and painted it myself. I'm pretty sure I've still got it somewhere in my loft.

Kid said...

Right, Mel, you can't tease us like that - you need to get up into your loft and show us the finished article. C'mon, now - get the ladders out.

Mel said...

I've been up the loft and found the poster plus a couple more that I did. They're on my blog page

Kid said...

Right, everybody - over to Mel's blog to look at his handiwork.

John South said...

I never purchased the first few MWOM issues and subsequently was very late sending off my coupon with a few tokens missing, accompanied by a begging letter!
To their credit, I got a really nice MWOM headed letter (which I still have), the poster, the Hulk transfer from #1 and a unique sticker from the 'Foom' set, the Spidey one but in b/w!!!
The poster has adorned my walls, wherever I have lived since that time. It is currently hanging in the spare room in a nice frame. Whenever I look at it, it takes me back to a magical time in my life.

John South said...

BTW, Mel's poster is brilliant!

Kid said...

I think the Spidey poster was shot in b&w and then the figure was coloured in, so maybe you got a try-out version. One day I'll have to get frames for my posters. Yup, Mel did a great job.