Thursday, 24 May 2012


The above cover holds two sets of memories for me.  The first is
when I initially read an earlier release of the issue in the late '60s when
visiting family friends in our old neighbourhood.  I even remember most of
the stories inside, especially NOMAN in The SYNTHETIC STAND-INS.
Cut to several years later, and I'm perched on the porcelain in a toilet cubicle
of a local cafeteria (after enjoying a luverly cuppa char and a scone) with
the latest incarnation of this ALAN CLASS classic (bought not from the
hospital shop, but a town centre newsagent), reliving my previous
recollections of the comic and creating some future ones at
the same time.

 The above issue wasn't one of the comics my friend returned
to me many years later, as he'd already returned it a little while after I
gave him the rest of my Class collection.  It just held too many memories
to discard so lightly, so I asked if I could have it back and it's remained in
my possession all this time.  I now have the original TOWER COMICS
issue as well, having obtained it several years ago.

I'm pretty sure that I probably first read the other comics on one of
those visits to my old neighbourhood - that's what springs to mind anyway
when I look at them.  Again, I have some (if not all - I'll have to check) of
the original Tower versions of these issues, and it's great to see them
in colour and with superior printing to the Class reprints.

I've also got all the DC reprint editions of the T.H.U.N.D.E.R. AGENTS
ARCHIVES, although, annoyingly, they omitted the Tower logo from the
covers.  They're still well-worth having if you're a fan of the series 'though,
and are no doubt far cheaper than a complete run of original issues.

Well, that wraps things up on this particular series of posts for now.  I
hope you enjoyed them, and that some of your own personal reminiscences
relating to these comics were rekindled by reading about mine.  Even if that's
not the case, the covers are worth looking at for the incredible WALLY
WOOD artwork alone.  See you next time, pilgrim!


SON Of ANDY CAPP.  Don't dare miss it.


Dougie said...

We had a copy of that issue with Dynamo and Menthor in 1977 or '78. It was part of a haul left by one of my brother's school friends when he moved house.
As I said about Captain Atom, since these weren't DC or Marvel characters, I dismissed them as second-rate. What a maroon!

Kid said...

I don't know, Dougie. Maybe they were second-rate - but still worth a read 'though.

baab said...

I had those Dynamo issues.
My interest in these comics were that they were lucky bag and throwaway,unless they had some marvel character or kirby /ditko feature,then they were in the swap pile.

There was only one guy I remember swapping with,which is odd because we must have went through some amount of comics which we did not purchase.

In my mind this was before the mighty world of marvel,whose reprints were a game changer for me....stories in order.

Was some benefactor delivering comics to me when I wasnt looking?
Oh this time thing is really confusing.

Kid said...

You're telling me. I don't know if it's New York or New Year. (Eh?)

Chris B. said...

Great posts Kid. I loved these Alan Class comics when I was young and it was through them I got my love of Ditko's work.

Though today mostly ignored and forgotten, it's kind of funny how they outlasted every other reprint title.

Kid said...

Indeed it is, Chris. Alan Class comics lasted just over 30 years - not bad going at all.

Anonymous said...

I still have all those Alan Class issues in my loft - I thought they were they excellent as a kid and even now I still really like the old THUNDER Agent strips - they almost all had great Wally Wood art (also Ditko on No-Man etc). I remember there were 2 THUNDER agents that rarely appeared in Alan Class reprints (if they did I missed them for years) and they were always referred to them in the strips(Raven and Lightning) so they became "legendary" characters in my mind - I eventually picked up an issue with Lightening in it (think it may be one of these) but never to this day have I seen the original Raven (so sad) Alan Class comics always remind me of long family holiday weekends in Blackpool (where there always seemed to be about 2/3 of the total print run stacked up in shops) or day trips with my family to Ayr - MCSCOTTY

Kid said...

I remember reading the origin of Lightning back in the '60s, on one of those old neighbourhood visits I mentioned. It's in Uncanny Tales #116, bottom comic on this post.

John Pitt said...

I'm pleased that you gave Alan Class a series- they were always a value for money.

Kid said...

They were certainly value for money for Alan Class. I think he wore out the plates from reprinting the same stories for years.

moonmando said...

Great blog. Good to catch up with a slice of my past,which now has added clarity thanks to your covers feature.

Kid said...

And thanks for your classy comment, Moony. Let's have another one soon.

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