Saturday, 12 May 2012


Looking at my Blog List on the right-hand side of this page
recently, it dawned on me that not all blogs of which I'm a member
were included.  I assume this is simply due to matters of space, but it's
beyond my control unfortunately.  If you follow the directions at the
foot of this post however, you'll find the complete list of blogs which
I think may be of interest to all you Criv-ites. Have a look - you
never know, yours might be there.

With some regret, I had to remove one recently.  It was quite
interesting with some nice images, but unfortunately the blogger's
inability to countenance comment or critique of even the most mild and
inoffensive content compelled me to cancel his continued inclusion on my
list.  'Though I had no problem with his most recent posts offering nothing
fresh on the featured subject (being no more than an excuse to showcase
some computer graphics not much better than the old Grantray Law-
rence 'animated' MARVEL cartoons of the '60s), I could not overlook
his contemptuous attitude towards anyone not persuaded by his
highly imaginative but unconvincing conjectures.

He occasionally has an irritating tendency to indulge in tedi-
ous over-analysis of the most trivial and insignificant aspects of his
featured subjects, resulting in the most fanciful speculations imaginable
 stretched far beyond what can reasonably be inferred from the available
information.  He's perfectly entitled to do that, of course - it's his blog
after all, and if he wants to indulge in 'creative' interpretations of minor
detail, well - why shouldn't he?  However, what he shouldn't do is
get uppity when others don't concur with his rather specious
suppositions dressed up as irrefutable fact.

I complimented him on his blog, saying how much I en-
joyed it - but remarked that I didn't always agree with some of his
conclusions.  Apparently he can't seem to accept anything other than
sycophantic flattery telling him just how wonderful he is, which would
account for his unnecessarily rude and obnoxious reply.  That's usually
the way with those who make extravagant claims for themselves and
their work - egos of an insecure and fragile nature to a degree com-
mensurate with their size - and his is vastly over-inflated.

Going by his smug, self-satisfied summing-up to comments on
his latest post, it would seem that he has 'comprehension' issues, so
I suppose his (admittedly) inventive postulations on some of the sub-
jects he tackles should come as no surprise. His petulance has con-
signed his blog to oblivion however - at least on my site.

So, looking for a blog?  Who ya gonna call?  Try one in my
list, why dontcha?  Click on the 'profile' line in Kid's Complete
     Blog List' (somewhere on the right) for full details.


(Alas, I've now retired the feature as discontinued
        blogs I had removed were still present on the list.)       


cerebus660 said...

Hi Kid! I've noticed that, on the blog in question, both your comments and mine have been er, "Dial D For Deleted"...

...but I'm sure you won't lose any sleep over it ;-)

Kid said...

I actually left another polite comment lamenting his uncalled for attitude which was up for a few hours before he deleted it - along with my others and some of his own. I think he realised how silly he was making himself look.

Kid said...

Incidentally, I remember your comment was nothing but complimentary to him. It seems your 'crime' consists only of being a member of my humble blog.

I refer you once again to the title of this post. 'Nuff said.

B Smith said...

Aaargh, let's not start all this again!

Having said that, I've realised those Grantray-Lawrence cartoons weren't as bad as I used to think they were.

cerebus660 said...

Guilt by association, I suppose. There's nowt as queer as folks etc.

Kid said...

B, straight along to Vision Express with you. These cartoons are awful. In the Thor ones, Odin changes costume between sentences. Captain Pugwash has better animation.


Cerebus, I'm sure you won't be losing any sleep over it either. The guy obviously has 'issues'.

B Smith said...

Hey, snazzy theme tunes, decent voice work, stories that actually follow the original comics, no less animation than your standard Roger Ramjet cartoon....what's not to like?

Alright, Officer, I'll come quietly....

Kid said...

It's nowt but bread and water for a long time for you, m'lad. You're nicked.

Anonymous said...

What's the blog address?

Kid said...

The clue is in the title.

joe bloke said...

wait, are we talking about RR here? really? wow. I always thought RR was one of the good guys. bummer.

Kid said...

My advice, Joe, would be to take him as you find him. If he's always been all right with you then that's the way to continue - maybe it's just me he doesn't like. I quite enjoyed his blog (telling him so on several occasions) and usually just ignored some of his more unlikely conjectures. It seems to me 'though, that he can't handle comments which aren't unqualified praise.

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