Saturday, 19 May 2012


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I didn't think it was fair to tease you in my previous post
with a mention of KIRBY's '70s mag In The DAYS Of The
MOB without giving you a little taste of it.  So pin your peepers
on these powerful pages, pencilled by JACK ('KING') KIRBY
and inked by VINCE ('The PRINCE') COLLETTA.  Start
saving those shekels now for the inevitable (we hope) deluxe
hardcover edition of the bygone classic from which this
tale is extracted. 

And below is the double-page spread as it was meant to
be seen - in all its panoramic splendour.  Click to enlarge,
then click again for optimum size.


Anonymous said...

Well that's another comic book ticked of my "bucket list" wish lit - thanks for showing this Kid I ve been itching to see a few pages from In the" Days of the Mob" for more years than I care to remember - wont be picking it up but nice to see - McScotty

Kid said...

Even 'though I've got the original, I'm still fascinated by those deluxe reprints. If DC releases it I'll be having a copy.

Nick Caputo said...


I wrote an article about the Mob in Jack Kirby Quarterly some years ago. Have you read it? If not email me privately and I'll send you the article.

I thought Kirby's writing style worked a mite better on the 1930s era mobster stories. Again, the black and white look was appropriate for the period era, and I would also like to see all the stories reprinted someday soon.

Kid said...

I thought Vince Colletta's inking on Kirby's pencils on this issue worked wonderfully well, Nick. Even the grey wash was just right.

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