Thursday, 11 November 2010


Art, logo & lettering by Kid Robson

Here's another unseen page from the archives.  This one's 25
years old and is scanned from a photocopy rather than the original
art.  (Most of the stuff in my files is from photocopies, the originals
having been given away or misplaced over the years.)  Consequent-
ly, it's not quite as sharp or as detailed as it otherwise would be.  This
was intended for a fanzine produced by the now defunct comics shop
A.K.A. (Also Known As), run by JOHN McSHANE, the late PETE
ROOT and BOB NAPIER, three luminaries in the Glasgow comics
scene.  (I think little STEVIE MONTGOMERY also became
involved at a later date.)

The cover was produced in a hurry between lettering assign-
ments for 2000 A.D. and other IPC publications, so it's not as
'finished' as I would've liked.  (The floor and cape are desperately
in need of some shadows.)  The issue this cover was intended for
was never published due to a lack of material, so it's languished in
my files until now.  First person to say it should've stayed there
   gets a cheap laugh, but loses their BLUE PETER badge.  


Anonymous said...

No shadowing needed that's perfect as is you're an good allrounder kid

Kid said...

Thank you, Mr Anon. (Nobody's going to believe that I didn't type your comment myself. Ah, such is life.)