Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Written, drawn, lettered & coloured by Kid Robson

Unseen 'cos I've only just drawn it.  One or two people who responded to a couple of my previous posts (and elsewhere) said that I should have a go at drawing The DANDY's DESPERATE DAN if I wasn't too keen on a certain artist's controversial interpretation of DD.

So, first chance I got I did.  What you're looking at is a hand-coloured A4 photo-copy, the result of some old acrylic inks I've had lying around for 10 years.  I didn't take the time to properly erase the pencil lines from the original before I got the page photocopied, so some are still in evidence.  When I have more time, I'll 'tidy up' the colours a bit.

Original, black and white, A4 photocopy

I've deliberately avoided going for the DUDLEY D. WATKINS look, preferring instead a slightly more 'cartoonish' appearance - hence my version of AUNT AGGIE looking nothing like the 'traditional' one.  It should go without saying that the 'devil effect' in frame 6 is merely symbolic and not to be taken literally.

Drawn merely for my own amusement, the copyright of Desperate Dan remains the property of D.C. THOMSON & Co., Ltd.  The weekly Dandy ceased publi-cation in December 2012 after 75 years, but Dan and all his comic chums live on in Annuals and Specials.

(Post updated on January 12th, 2014.)


Anonymous said...

Sack the letterer(joke)!

Very nice. A bit crude but you've put your money where your proverbial mouth is and proved you can cartoon with the best of them.

Will some more online disagreement over the new Dandy relaunch make you produce some more Desperate Dan pages? I.e., if I slag your opinions, how quickly will you produce more pages like this thereby proving you CAN draw as fast as any one else???


Mr Straightman said...

That's a top-notch rendition of Dan. Sufficiently modern to be eye-catching to 'the kids' whilst also sufficiently 'retro' to please Dan fans of old.

Kid said...

Ta much, lads. (Don't know where my original response went.)

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