Monday, 1 November 2010


Copyright D.C. THOMSON

It seems that everyone's talking about the new DANDY - but is it any good?  My opinion isn't coloured by any association with the comic other than as a reader, so let me tell you what I think.

NIGEL PARKINSON'S HARRY HILL strip is humorous enough and the artwork is of the usual high standard.  If anything brings new readers in, it will probably be this strip which does it.  LEW STRINGER displays competent artwork in his two strips - KID COPS and POSTMAN PRAT, but in a slightly looser style than usual. His artwork isn't helped by the placement of some of the lettering balloons though - something that quite a few strips in the comic suffer from.

As for the rest, it's a mixed bag of some good, some okay, and some downright awful strips, so perhaps there's something for everyone.  Not quite my cup of tea overall, but maybe it'll improve with a bit of polishing.  Go on -give it a try - you might like some of it.

And here's a picture of the very first issue of The Dandy from 1937 - don't ever say I don't give you something for nothing.


Mr Straightman said...

This might sound petty, but I found the use of the slang word "nugget" (meaning thicko) in the Bananaman strip a bit jarring. Last time kids used the word "nugget" in my neck of the woods was in the late 1980s!

Kid said...

I seem to have missed this comment at the time, Mr. S, but better late than never. As we eventually found out, the 'new' Dandy, after a temporary rise in circulation, plummeted to the depths and was cancelled. At least the Annual (and occasional Special) survives.

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