Thursday, 25 November 2010


Pencils by Jack Kirby.  Images copyright MARVEL COMICS

Following on from the previous post, here are a few more examples
of the difference that colour (or, to be more precise, choice of colour)
can make to a printed page.  The first example, above, is how the cover
of JOURNEY Into MYSTERY #83 would have looked (more or less)
back in 1962.  Compare it against the much brighter, recoloured version
from the first printing of MARVEL MASTERWORKS Vol. 181991/
'92.  (Note:  A superior version, more faithful to the original, appears
in the recent softcover edition of THOR MASTERWORKS.)

Inks by Joe Sinnott

Now compare both of them to TOM CHU's version (below), repro-
duced in the TALES Of ASGARD hardcover volume, which also re-
prints J.I.M. #83's origin.  (Unfortunately, despite the superb colour-
ing, the art has been retouched in places, having been restored from the
reprint in THOR #158.  For a more faithful reprint of this classic story,
see the softcover MASTERWORKS edition, referred to above.)

Colours by Tom Chu


Anonymous said...

As pointed out by your good self, the Mighty Matt Milla's colouring job on the recent 6 issue Tales of Asgard reprint is STUNNING. As is his recolouring of Thor's debut tale in J.I.M #83 - 3D indeed. I wonder what other vintage stuff he's coloured. Someone should interview this bloke.

McRonson aka El Sloano.

Anonymous said...

Those stone men are supposed to be green!

That's the problem I have with this whole 're-doing" thing across similar media - the whole "oh, we'll fix this up so that it's better" attitude. Chum, it was fine the first time around...that's probably the reason it's being reprinted in the first place!

*grumble grumble*

B Smith

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