Monday 4 March 2024


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Saw this hardback 2021 reprint of the 1973 Official Metropolis Edition Amazing World Of Superman over on Rip Jagger's blog, and even though I've got a couple of originals stashed away somewhere, I leapt straight over to eBay and bought myself a copy for a steal of a price (in my favour).  It even contains the map, which is printed on thicker paper stock than the '73 version, so if you missed this super collectable item back in the day, now you have the opportunity to remedy the situation.  Cop a gander at some of the contents, then get busy tracking one down for yourselves.

And just so you know, the hardback is a few millimetres smaller than the original, but the image size on the pages is around an inch to an inch-and-a-half smaller than the '70s printing (wider margins, you see).  However, the reproduction quality is excellent.

This b&w story was later coloured and reprinted in a couple of books, namely Secret
Origins Of The Super DC Heroes
and Superman From The '30s To The '80s.
The pages were added to at the sides to fit the different dimensions, but it was executed
reasonably well, though I thought the balance of some panels was slightly compromised

And here's the coloured splash page from a subsequent reprinting

And below is one of my original editions...

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Kid said...

Nobody else buy this one back in the day?

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