Monday, 3 February 2020



Castel Crivens has just taken possession of a fabulous foursome of great comic mags, rabid readers!  Although I've got the original issue of FANTASTIC FOUR King-Size Special #6, I decided to get the Facsimile Edition to keep it company.  It's even got the 'continued next page' lines and the COMICS CODE box like the original.  What more could a Merry MARVELite ask?  How about some TRUE BELIEVERS as well?  Yes?  Good, 'cos I've got some of them too!

Have to say that I'm not too keen on the new cover logos they're giving these otherwise magnificent mags.  They should retain the originals and find a way of adding the 'sub-title' in an unobtrusive way.  After all, I doubt that readers are buying them due to being tenuously linked to a theme, it's more likely because they're simply an inexpensive way of acquiring 'back issue' reprints.

Anyway, if you've been wondering what to spend your pocket-money on, Crivs, wonder no longer.  Straight round to your nearest comicbook shop and buy as many as you can carry.


Britt Reid said...

The new cover "logos" are just fonts that the designers don't even bother to manipulate/customize.
Some don't even fit the allocated space!

Kid said...

Yeah, that Absorbing Man one in particular could've looked all right if they'd made the word 'Absorbing' slightly bigger and positioned it better. Having said that, I wish they'd just leave the original logos in place. Nice to have the contents though, and the original covers are displayed in the back of the mags, which is some consolation for the cover butchery.

Mike Nicoll said...

Dunno if I'm missing something obvious Kid but the releases under this banner seem very random with titles and issues all over the place - it's like someone pulled out a comic at random and said OK this month we reprint this one- is there a logical plan behind it?

Kid said...

In the case of the 'Annihilation' titles, there's a series and an Omnibus which are advertised in each reprint mag, so I assume it might be the same for 'The Criminally Insane' ones. However, not having seen such a series advertised, it may only be that these reprints are so named because the villains featured are obviously criminals and can be rightly regarded as insane.

However, regardless of whether that's true or not, the True Believers mags are really just published to promote the collected editions, which is why at the end of each story, there's a line under the art saying something like 'Continued in...' and then the title of the book that the single issue is lifted from.

Basically, it's just a hook to get you to buy every mag which falls under a particular banner, and then buy the collected editions they're culled from.

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