Saturday 14 December 2019



I received this facsimile edition of GIANT-SIZE DEFENDERS #3 today, which is a comic I never had the original of when it first came out, so I'm looking forward to reading it.  See?  It's not just comic mags I already have (or used to) that I collect - sometimes it's a complete 'newbie' to me.  (It it was ever reprinted in a UK mag I don't remember seeing it, but it may not have been.)

As in one of the previous issues in the series, one of the ad pages is reproduced too large in relation to the others, but that minor glitch aside, it's good to see this comic from the '70s and experience (or remember) how things were done in comics-land back then.  Nice to see that they've left the COMICS CODE stamp in place this time. (D'ya think MARVEL have been reading Crivens?)

As well as the main tale, the original 1950s BILL EVERETT SUB-MARINER and '60s STEVE DITKO Dr. STRANGE back-up stories are also included.

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