Wednesday, 11 December 2019


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Here's the way I remember it (today anyway).  I was in the playground of my second primary school and saw a fellow pupil by the name of IAN ROBBIE holding a BATMAN hand puppet.  It was made of polythene and had recently contained the most disgusting 'confectionery' ever invented, but it was Batman merchandise and I coveted it.  A deal was soon struck, and in exchange for 3d and a pack of KP salted peanuts (maybe two packs), Batman became mine.

However, there's more.  Being made of polythene, Batman was prone to the ravages of handling and soon became crimped and worn in places.  Perhaps a few weeks later, my family was in Glasgow's KELVIN HALL for some event, and the selfsame Batman hand puppets were on sale.  I bought one immediately (and just as immedi-ately deposited the nauseating contents into the nearest bin), and if I recall correctly, my brother also bought one.

(To be honest, it could've been the other way around, but I think I've got both events in the correct sequence.)

I wish I still had mine, but he's just a memory, alas.  However, at least I've got this photo 'borrowed' from ebay, which will tide me over until the time an actual replacement should come my way - if one ever does of course.  Do you remember this item from the '60s, fellow Crivs?  Then share your recollections in the comments section and spread the joy.

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