Tuesday, 6 June 2017


The tapes were secondhand when I bought them in '81.
(Or 'pre-played' as they'd be described nowadays)

It was 1981 and I was living down in Southsea.
One day, me and a friend decided to take a stroll into
Fratton, and while we were in a record store, I purchased
two JAMES BOND 007 soundtrack cassettes - ON HER
FOREVER.  Curiously, the tracks on the latter tape were
not in the same order as listed on the index card, but I
put it down to an error and learned to live with it.

11 and a half years later (which was a significant
proportion of my life back then), in '93, HMV opened a
record shop in my local shopping centre, and I bought two
CDs, the same soundtracks mentioned in the previous para-
graph.  Back home later that night, I covered the openings on
the top of the DAF tape, and recorded the tracks in the cor-
rect listed order from the CD.  It's strange just what a sense
of accomplishment I felt doing this, as if I were putting
right some great injustice of many years standing.

It may have taken me nearly a third of my life to
get to hear the tracks on that tape in the right running
order, but it was worth it.  Although I didn't really need to
play the tape because I had the CD, I made a point of doing
so anyway, just so my effort wasn't wasted.  Still got those
two tapes, and whenever I look at them, I'm back in that
record shop in Fratton (JACK's, I think it was called)
and I'm a young man in my early 20s again.

If only it could always be so.


baab said...

Seek help now!

Kid said...

I don't need any help, Baab. The maid and the butler take care of everything.

Phil S said...

I had that OHMSS tape, listened to it in my old yellow Ford! I loved that movie.

Kid said...

Funnily enough, PS, that's the only '60s Bond movie I never first saw in a cinema. Saw it on TV.

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