Thursday, 17 July 2014


Still a bit groggy after some minor surgery in hospital
yesterday, so apologies for the lack of blog activity recently.
To make up for it, here's a nice photo I took of a busy little
bee 'round the corner from my old house in Glasgow's
Great George Street last Sunday.

Sadly, bees are diminishing in numbers these days, so
if you were thinking of removing your hedges, shrubbery
and flowers and putting up wooden fencing and paving your
lawn, please spare a thought for insects and wildlife.  Without
a natural environment to sustain them, birds, butterflies,
bees, etc., are all under threat.  Our world would be a
much duller and poorer place without them.


Colin Jones said...

When I take photos with my phone or tablet I like to use the best ones as wallpaper for the home screen (apart from "selfies" - I'm not that vain !) If all the bees disappeared it would be far worse than just being " a duller place" - the bees pollinate all the flowers and plants. Without the bees we'd be f*cked ! Kid, I don't know what your hospital treatment was for (best not to know perhaps !) but hopefully you're feeling better :)

Kid said...

Yes, I do know about pollination, CJ - I was going for the soft-sell approach. Thanks for the good wishes, but it was a simple operation. A woman I met said she wanted a man with a 12 incher - so I was having three inches removed. Boom boom!

John Pitt said...

No matter what you have to go to the hozzie for it's never a pleasant experience, so pleased all went well and you're back home.

Kid said...

Thanks, JP - so am I. When my (late) dog was young, she actually enjoyed going to the vet's for her jags and stuff. When she was older, she wasn't so keen. Dogs seem to eventually sense that one day they might not come back from the place. Humans are the same, I'm sure. Going into hospital never used to bother me - now, however, I tend to wonder whether I'll be going home again. Even for simple things, all sorts of things can go wrong.

Dougie said...

Hope you return to fighting fitness shortly.

Kid said...

Thanks, Dougie. I'm told I should be back to normal (whatever that is for me) in around 6 weeks or so.

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