Monday, 28 July 2014


Looks just like a little turd, eh?  Same as the photo on the previous post

A number of years ago, someone tried to do me a bad turn.
At the time, he was widely rumoured to be having an affair with one
of his employees and it was regarded as an 'open secret' by everyone
else who worked for him.  I won't bore you with the details, but when
this man eventually got his comeuppance, there was a general feeling
amongst those who knew him that he had only received his just
deserts and not one single tear was shed on his behalf (apart
from those he undoubtedly shed himself).

I won't lie to you - I despised the man and don't have a good
word to say about him, even to this day.  One thing I refused to
do, however, was participate in the gossip about his alleged affair.  I
didn't know then (nor do I now) whether it was true or not, and just
because he'd tried  to wrong me, I refused to take revenge by adding
fuel to the fires of what everyone else already believed.  It would've
been too easy ('though satisfying), and, pompous as it may sound,
I at least aspire to be honourable, even if I don't bother about
trying to be popular (or even nice).

I try to see the good in people, I really do.  Sometimes
it's fairer to say that I struggle  to see good in them, because I
don't really have a high opinion of a lot of my fellow human beings.
You've only got to look around to see what's happening in (and to) the
world to understand why.  However, one thing that dismays me is when
I see (or experience) someone trying to damage someone's reputation
by taking the easy route and telling lies about them.  Whether it be in
the form of a insinuation or assertion, it's wrong and it's evil, and
the lowlifes who engage in it have no honour and are truly
despicable human beings.

As I said in my previous post, liars don't have to prove their
lies, merely plant them, and then stand back and watch their evil
labours bear fruit.  Strangely enough, I've often found that the worst
of folk also appear to be the most charming and charismatic, but are
the ones most ready to resort to any means by which to achieve their
purpose or fulfil their ambition - regardless of how it impacts on
the lives of others.  Just so long as they get their way is all
that's important to them.

One thing I know, 'though, is that their words and deeds
usually come back to bite them on the bum.  Sometimes it doesn't
happen right away, but, sure as eggs is eggs, it'll happen in the full-
ness of time.  And, in my case, I'm not averse to giving the wheels of
justice a little push - without lying of course.  That I leave to those
with no shame and no honour.  You can usually spot them by
the teeth marks in the seat of their pants.

And there's usually a few boot prints right along with them.

Okay, peeps, you'll be glad to hear that normal service
(or what passes as normal around here) will be resumed in
the next post.  And I'm nothing if not honest!


Mr Straightman said...

Oh Kid, you do pick 'em!
Bitter experience has taught me that the comics industry is bursting at the seams with fevered egos who perceive even the mildest of criticism as a huge personal slight and start crying all over their blogs when someone points out that their work is flawed. It's depressing, really.

Kid said...

Stay tuned, Lee. I'm about to present incontrovertible proof that the man lied. Lucky I never throw anything out.

DeadSpiderEye said...

I quite enjoyed the too and fro a couple of posts back, I feel a bit guilty about expressing that cos it puts me in the position of being something of **** stirrer. On the other hand it was something of a social document, offering some insight into the trivia of the publishing world.

Without wishing to come down on a side of the--er debate I can say the recollections of both parties, resonated quite strongly, evoking both memories of impossible tasks foisted upon hapless freelancers (that happens a lot) and dealing with recalcitrant members of that fraternity.

It would be interesting to learn what Straightman is alluding to, my personal dealings with the real comic world were--short. Limited to a single interaction in fact, during which after patiently sitting through self sanctified monologue for about 6 minutes (honestly he droned on an on, without taking a breath it seemed), I reluctantly assessed that I wasn't blessed with the particular gift necessary to flourish in that environment, i.e. patience. The experience wasn't completely fruitless though, I did manage to impart a strong indication of my personal view of that person, I think the words I used were, 'Space cadet'. The other thing that encounter left me with was certain respect for those who manage to navigate those turbulent seas and make a living off their creative endeavours in the comic world. I'm not really sure how this battle started but it does seem that the parties involved are acting out of character. I'm not really one to lecture about burying the hatchet because if I were to meet the party mentioned above again, I'd break his nose but, although this episode has offered some value entertainment it would might be nice if that -eventually- those involved could establish some common ground.

Kid said...

How does an honest man establish common ground with a lying b*st*rd, DSE? (I'm the former, I hasten to add.)

Mr Straightman said...

The lithe, chiselled, comic book version of your man seems a world away from the real life version...

Kid said...

Ah, but there's always a difference between fantasy and reality, Lee. And that seems to apply ten-fold in Cyril's world.

Originally posted: 29 July 2014 18:34

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