Wednesday, 9 July 2014


Y'know, I reckon it's not fair that my BABE OF THE DAY
feature is aimed mainly at handsome, well-built chaps like myself,
who, being pinnacles of physical perfection, deserve only the finest
assortment of female faces and forms to delight our appreciative
orbs and tickle our fickle fancies.

However, what about the ugly people?  Those misanthropic
mutants who break out in a sweat on sight of a real woman and
have no option but to resign themselves to lives of loneliness and
rejection - and at whom utterly gorgeous babes would never
give a first (never mind second) glance.

So - to all those 'QUASIMODOS' out there, you
haven't been forgotten - this ones for you!


Gey Blabby said...

Feck! Bring back Danny La Rue!

Colin Jones said...

I remember hearing that the band Queen had suffered a big drop in popularity in America after they had worn womens' clothes for the video of " I Want To Break Free". Those Americans didn't know about the fine old British tradition of drag - Danny La Rue, Widow Twankey, Old Mother Riley et al.

Gey Blabby said...

"Ooh, you are awful ... but I like you."

One of the great delights and confusions for a young boy of going to the pantomime back then was witnessing the Principal Boy jumping about on stage; I mean, the character was male but he was being played by an attractive young female wearing a short outfit and thigh-high boots.

Kid said...

I think they know about it these days, CJ, but they frown upon such things in their own country - at least in the Bible Belt.


GB, I don't think I was ever at a panto as a boy - so luckily I was never confused.

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