Tuesday, 15 July 2014


"The third mate's name was Carter -
By jings, was he a farter!
When the wind wouldn't blow
And the ship wouldn't go,
They got Carter the farter to start 'er!"

Third mate CARTER is no relation to the lovely
LYNDA, above, of course.  She is actually wearing
her WONDER WOMAN cossie in the picture, but
I've applied a computer X-ray filter which renders
it invisible.  Lucky Criv-ites, eh?


karl said...

And being a massive WW fan - and by my love for her, Lynda's too - its also Miss Carter's birthday next week!
She really is a class act; such a lovely lady.

Kid said...

I second that. Wish now I hadn't knocked her back when she asked me out on a date several years back. (Someone's bound to believe it!)

SUBZERO said...

She really was the definite Wonder Woman - Hollywood hasn´t been able to come up with anything near that. How many decades after the tv series ? Oh, such a shame.

Kid said...

Practically the definitive woman, SZ. Who wouldn't be happy to have a wife who looked like Lynda?

Rip Jagger said...



Rip Off

Kid said...

My pleasure, Rip. (Yours too, it seems. Sure is a good pic.)

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