Friday, 4 January 2013


Here's the cover of a book I bought from GRANT'S bookshop
just outside Glasgow's Central Station back in 1980.  You'll have to
forgive the quality of this scan - there's quite a bit of dust under the
clear plastic cover which protects the book from wear and tear and I
ain't taking it off to wipe it.  (Just in case I inadvertently damage it.)
The painting is by BOB LARKIN, and is reminiscent of JACK
KIRBY's illustration to THE INCREDIBLE HULK #1
I thought I'd share it with you here for no other reason
than that it's PDB (Pretty Darn Brilliant).  Enjoy.


Dougie said...

Today, I started re-reading Edgar Rice Burroughs Llana of Gathol. My first copy came from Grant's bookshop.No one I know seems to remember it was there!

Kid said...

Amazing. I loved going into Grant's and browsing around. I've still got the books I purchased in there over the years.