Tuesday, 9 November 2010


One of the "must-have" toys of the '60s

Surely there can't have been a kid in the '60s who didn't have
this fantastic battery-operated HYDRO PLANE speedboat?  As
well as playing with it in ponds, baths and sinks, it also came in use-
ful as a handy fan on hot summer days at the seaside.  They just
don't seem to make toys like this anymore.


Anonymous said...

Kid, there seemed to be a lot of these type of toys, usually Japanese, knocking around in the 60s. For me having no local baoating pond/lake always forced a dangerous launch at the seaside. How many imaginery crew members were lost in the cruel seas at Britain's seaside resorts during the 1960s?


Kid said...

More than we could guess, I'm sure. And how many parents nearly drowned trying to retrieve them from the waves?

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