Friday, 12 November 2010


Don't you just love it when someone does something really clever?
Here's an example of what I mean: feast your eyes on the cover of the very
first FIREBALL XL5 ANNUAL for 1963/'64 (above). Now cast your orbs
on the cover of the DVD collection containing all 39 episodes which was
released a year or so back (below) - see what they've done? I think it's
really cool, and a nice way of bringing things full circle.

This is the second DVD release of this cult programme; there was one
a few years back which, rather nicely, had the XL5 logo on the discs, but
contained no extras. This time it's been done right - extras galore, plus a
fantastic TV CENTURY 21 booklet by ANDREW PIXLEY, detailing
the history of this GERRY ANDERSON 1960s' classic.

If you don't already have it, add it to your Christmas list now.

(And it might be wise to start saving for the colourized collection -
there's bound to be one eventually.)


Anonymous said...

I wish I was a spaceman lol

Kid said...

Don't we all? All together now - "My heart is still a Fireball..."