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Copyright MARVEL COMICS.  Published by PANINI

76 pages of awesome action!  Two stunning stories!

Deadpool leaps into the time-twisting dimension of Weirdworld, and finds barbarians, demons, and... true love?!  By Scottie Young & Nic Klein!

It's the second part of our crazy new interactive game:  ‘You Are Deadpool’!  By Al Ewing & Paco Diaz!

Featuring material first printed in Deadpool #4-5 and You Are Deadpool #2.

On sale 27th June.




76 pages of Mutant Mayhem!

Jean Grey is back, but so is the Phoenix – and the X-Men are caught in the middle!  Don't miss the grim finale of ‘Phoenix Resurrection’!  By Matthew Rosenberg & Leinil Francis Yu!

Featuring material first printed in Phoenix: Resurrection #2-5.

On sale 27th June.




100-page special!  Adventures in the Marvel Universe!

The cosmos trembles as the Infinity Stones are uncovered!  The Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man battle to save existence! Don't miss the beginning of a new epic: ‘The Infinity Wars’!  By Gerry Duggan & Aaron Kuder!

Wolverine has the Space Stone, and he's not afraid to use it!  By Gerry Duggan & Mike Deodato Jr!

Captain Marvel and her mother battle a Kree assassin!  By Margaret Stohl & Carlos Pacheco!

Featuring material first printed in Infinity Countdown: Prime #1, Infinity Countdown #1-2 and Life of Captain Marvel #5.

On sale 27th June.



Colin Jones said...

And Marvel is about to release the first two graphic-novel collections of the new Conan. I only know the dates when the e-book versions can be purchased which are July 4th for Conan The Barbarian Volume 1 and July 25th for Savage Sword Of Conan Volume 1 but I assume the same dates apply for the physical versions. I intend to download both e-volumes which will be the first new Conan material from Marvel that I've bought since about 1983 (but I've read lots of Dark Horse's Conan in the last decade or so). It was thanks to Marvel that I first discovered Conan (Marvel UK's Savage Sword weekly) so Conan returning to Marvel is a big deal for me.

Kid said...

I got the first few issues of the new Marvel Conan titles, CJ, and thoroughly enjoyed them, so I might get the collected editions as I haven't been into Glasgow in months to get any more. Maybe I'll buy them on ebay, 'cos I prefer individual issues with titles like Conan - though I did buy the Omnibus edition of the original Barry Smith Conan mags. Can't remember if you left a comment on that post or not, but it's a volume worth getting if you have a Lottery win. Good to see Conan, Shang-Chi, etc., back at Marvel.

Kid said...

Just checked - yes, you did comment.

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