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The MIGHTY WORLD Of MARVEL is a comic that's been
around for a large slice of my life.  First issued (as a weekly) near
the end of 1972, after seven years it was renamed (twice), becoming
a monthly with its third incarnation.  In 1983 it returned as a monthly
with its original title, but it was short-lived, alas.  We'd moved to a new
house after the first '83 issue, then returned to our former abode four
years later.  In 2003, the mag was relaunched, meaning it's been pub-
lished in one form or another since I was 14, in all three houses
I've lived in since then.  (One counts as two, remember.)

I hope I never have to live anywhere else, but if fate dictates
that it has to be so, I trust MWOM will still be around to provide
a reassuring bit of continuity, even to the end of my days.  As I'm
planning to clock up another couple of hundred years (at least),
the periodical may well be available for a long, long time.

Buy the latest issue today, and contribute to both my
longevity and also The Mighty World Of Marvel's!


Colin Jones said...

If MWOM was renamed twice then it wasn't MWOM - Marvel Comic and Marvel Superheroes weren't MWOM.

Kid said...

Oh yes they were, CJ. I once changed MY name, but I was still the same person. Likewise, MWOM, Marvel Comic and Marvel Superheroes were all the same comic, but different presentations of such.

Colin Jones said...

I'm baffled how the "same comic" can have three different names. Marvel Superheroes was a monthly that didn't even feature the Hulk so how was it the same as MWOM ?

Kid said...

I think we've been through all this before, CJ - at least twice. Spider-Man Comics Weekly underwent several changes of name and lineup in its 666 issues, but it was the same comic because it was intended to be the same comic (and was regarded as such by publisher and readers), so therefore it WAS. At some point, MWOM featured The Avengers and The X-Men, as did Marvel Superheroes, so in that respect, as it followed the same numbering, it was essentially the same comic with a revised name. The main word Marvel was in all three versions of the comic - so same comic. Got that? MARVEL was the main part of the title, and that never changed. Frequency of publication doesn't change anything (except frequency of publication), so baffled or otherwise, Marvel was the same comic - live with it. Now, I really see no point in having this discussion again. You know my view and I know yours and I'm graciously prepared to allow you to be wrong to your heart's content, but there's no need to keep banging on about it.

Snarky Pete said...

If a woman marries and takes on her husbsnd's surname, how can she be the same woman? Surely it must be two different women? Of course Im being facetious to make a point. Do you get it now, Colin?

Kid said...

Oh Pete, you're so...snarky. He's got a point 'though, eh, CJ?

Colin Jones said...

No, Kid, he doesn't have a point as a person changing their name is not the same as a comic changing its' title and looking completely different. In my opinion Super Spider-Man & The Superheroes was a completely different comic from SMCW and so were all the other incarnations of the UK Spidey comic. But OK, I won't bang on about it - we'll just have to agree to disagree. However, if you look at a MWOM cover gallery it ends with MWOM #329, week ending January 17th 1979 - it doesn't continue on to Marvel Comic and Marvel Superheroes because they are considered to be different comics.

Kid said...

CJ, there's no soft way to say this, but you DON'T HAVE a point, you're just talking nonsense. Your opinion is wrong, plain and simple. Look up MWOM on Wikipedia - Marvel Comic and Marvel Superheroes ARE considered to be the same comic. Just not by YOU. You seem to be curiously out of tune on a variety of subjects. You don't have to answer this, but I suspect you have Asperger's Syndrome. It would explain a lot.

Incidentally, if someone changed their name, as well as their appearance by cosmetic surgery, they would still be the same person despite their different name and appearance. So a comic can change its title, its frequency, AND its appearance (or line up), and still be the same comic (although it might be a different TYPE of comic). On that principle, Snarky Pete's point is completely sound.

Paul McScotty- Muir said...

Was MWOM transitions all seamless (the Marvel UK ones were if I recall correctly) - I can't recall if there was a break of time form the "original" packing in to Pannini taking over? - Although I see where Colin is coming from here, he is wrong (not that its that important of course) but that's maybe because he wasn't around when the changes were made ie Marvel stated clearly MWOM would change format and be called "Marvel Superheroes" etc - If a comic is not that same because it merges then the DANDY ceased to be the same comic years before it ended as it merged with "Nutty" (ditto Lion, Valiant, Wham etc as they all merged and changed name. For info for those that like the 60s/70s reprints apart from MWOM featuring Dr Strange originals (for some reason this issue is the only one not in Hamilton and Argyle St store in Glasgow) The Hulks has a 5 page Kirby reprint (looks date buit the best thing in that issue imho)

Kid said...

When someone's behaviour changes, we sometimes say 'He's not the same person anymore' and if that had been what CJ meant in regard to MWOM & SMCW then he'd be right of course. They changed and weren't the 'same' comics anymore - as in same TYPE of comics in some ways. However, they were the same comics in as much as they could be consecutively traced back to their first issue. The Dandy was the same comic for 75 years, but it became a different KIND of comic (at least twice) in its last decade or so. It's like Emmerdale Farm, which is now called just Emmerdale and has completely different actors to when it first started in the early '70s. Same programme, but different kind (or style) of programme.

Panini's MWOM started in 2003, after a nearly 18 year break from the previous incarnation by Marvel U.K. Same name, and it featured both Hulk & Daredevil at times, as did the original weekly. Is it the same comic 'though? Well, same title, licensed by the same publishers, but it's not quite so clear cut in this case. However, I'd say it's the same comic (in spirit), but it's a different VOLUME of the same comic, as they're now into Volume 5.

Of course, CJ is entitled to regard any comic in any way he likes (as are we all), but to dogmatically assert that MWOM is a completely different comic to Marvel Comic and Marvel Superheroes every time I post on the subject becomes a little repetitive after a while. Mainly because it means I have to repeat myself as well, and we all know how tiresome that can be.

Saw that Hulk reprint in WHS, PM. Didn't like the way they'd cut it in two, but you're right - it was the best part of the mag. I hope they reprint the Tyrannus story in one piece - I'll definitely be buying that.

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