Thursday, 14 July 2016


Image copyright MARVEL COMICS

This one's a real turkey.  The figure of REPLICUS is awkward,
distorted even.  Former KIRBY assistant MARK EVANIER has
expressed uncertainty that the rejected page is even by Jack and, in
doing so, thereby demonstrates that one can sometimes be too close
to a subject to be truly objective.  One could argue that Jack's auto-
graph is the last word on the matter, but not necessarily so.  If he was
attending a comics convention and was presented with a page to sign
that looked like his work, unless he had cause to doubt its authen-
ticity, he would've smiled and added his mighty moniker. 

Signed or not, however, it's clearly pencilled by Jack (and inked
by VINCE COLLETTA), but it's undoubtedly a 'Kirby Kock-
Up' that STAN LEE was correct to reject in favour of a cobbled
together cover using enhanced panels from the interior issue.

(Incidentally, the original art for the cover still exists,
and Jack's pencils can be seen under Vinnie's inks.)


Mike said...

Right. That is so horribly awkward looking I too think it is not an intended cover. I think I have seen nearly every thing Kirby has done since the 50's and that looks like several poses poorly stuck together.

Kid said...

I doubt it, Mike. Jack did sometimes draw awkward poses and there are other examples of it in his work. I'd say it's exactly what it appears to be - not one of Jack's best efforts. And the fact that the published cover WASN'T an original one, but cobbled together from internal panels, tends to support the view that Stan rejected the one Jack drew.

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