Saturday, 2 July 2016


The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall hosted the 2016 GLASGOW COMIC CON over the weekend (2nd & 3rd), so this big, bad, bold blogger decided to drop in and snap a few photos for all you crazy Criv-ites, and do I have some great pictures for you!  (No, seriously - do I have some great pictures for you???  Let's take a look at the photos and you can decide for yourselves.)

First up is KEV from a local comicbook store.  As you can
see, Kev is far to busy for his close-up, Mr. DeMille

Next up is BEANO legend NIGEL PARKINSON, who
kindly posed for a pic and happily chatted away about
various comic-related topics.  Top bloke, but does he
know that DENNIS is about to pelt him in the ear
with a tomato?  Someone tell him - quick!

Ace colourist NIKA NARTOVA was nearby to
colour Nigel's drawings.  Here, she and DENNIS
give Glasgow a 'thumbs up'

Some BEANO staff pose for their 15 seconds of fame on this
blog.  Only 15 seconds?  Well, that's cutbacks for you

Another legend - artist IAN KENNEDY was
kind enough to pose for a pic.  What a gent

Glasgow's own GARY ERSKINE, with JOANNE POWER.
I bet no one messes with her with a name like that

AQUAMAN's wife MERA gives me a salute.
And I wasn't even wearing a uniform

This is KIM (or is it Kym?) and EEVEE.  Look at that
glossy fur.  (Nope, I'm not taking that one any further!)

ALAN GRANT looks busy while JOHN WAGNER smiles for the
camera.  I recall seeing John chasing ROBIN SMITH around
the 2000 A.D. office back in 1986 or so - 30 years ago 

And here's PSYLOCKE.   At first I thought
she was a mannequin because she stood so
still when posing for photographers - until
she changed her pose

Some nice DARWYN COOKE art

Some more promotional art

And here's the mighty KINGPIN, WILSON
, just before he gave SPIDEY a kicking

for a long queue of fans - which I've excised

This one's for THB - ADAM SMITH of BRAW BOOKS says "hello"

LONGWORTH displays his comics

gets plagued by me for a photo.  "Where's
security when you need them?" she wonders

Presentation for Cosplay winners.  First prize was a signed
photo of me, but for some odd reason nobody wanted it

And some more.  Slightly blurred because the stage
was shaking under the weight (he lied)

MARVIN VAN CLEEF poses proudly
with his powerful pistol

The view of Buchanan Street from the stairs of
The Glasgow Royal Concert hall


Colin Jones said...

Just for a second I thought that was Lew Stringer in the first photo - that would have been an interesting, Kid ?

sroman said...

That "Elektra" is actually Psylocke, from the X-Men. The character Olivia Munn plays in the new Apocalypse movie.

Kid said...

It might be for him - he'd probably learn something. (Like what a witty, humorous, windswept and interesting guy I really am. And a tremendous artist, of course.)


Thanks for that, S - I'll amend the info.

Arfon Jones said...

Great pics! I want to go to another con, I'm getting the twitches again!

Kid said...

Thanks, AJ. I'm going back in this afternoon, so I might tale some more photos.

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Look out for the Braw Books guys, they're nice people, they are. Would've liked to've gone to this but I couldn't get myself organised on time, bah.

DeadSpiderEye said...

So what's the story behind Kim's trousers, she went as a character too or is that just how Glasgow trendies dress?

Kid said...

Never mind, THB - next year, next year. Will look out for Braw Books today.


You're asking me about trendies, DSE? Don't have a scooby. Besides, as nice as the young lady was, I only had eyes for Eezee.

paul Mcscotty said...

I meant to go to that on Saturday as part of a comic day out “package” (taking in the "Comic Invention" display at the Huntarian art gallery and the comic con) but I spent too long at the display and then popped over to the general collection in the Huntarian museum (lovely place) and a look around the grounds that I ran out of time (so popped into the pub lol). It looks like it was a good Convention from your pictures (Comic Invention was good but not great not a lot of stuff although some great pieces ie the first issue of - possibly the world’s first comic - the "Glasgow Looking Glass" - and some nice Frank Quitely art etc)

Kid said...

I think you'd have enjoyed the Con, PM. You could've met 'Frank Quitely' in the flesh, so to speak. (Don't worry, he was clothed.) So, what do you think about 'The Glasgow Looking-Glass' - would you say it qualifies as a 'comic'?

paul Mcscotty said...

I wouldnt argue its cause but yeah I think I think it does qualify, it had a story with pictures and word ballons etc.

Kid said...

Ah, right - I wondered, because I don't think I've ever seen it. Must look it up one day.

paul Mcscotty said...

To be honest at £5 per person to visit for me I didn't think it was worth it (to be fair though we got in for £5 for 2 as it was 16:15 when we arrived - which was nice of them) maybe for a historian but not a comic book fan like myself.

Kid said...

I doubt I'd have paid a fiver to see an old newspaper - I'd maybe give them a fiver FOR it 'though.

paul Mcscotty said...

Lol there was a lot of other stuff as well including Hogarth prints, Art Spiegelman origials, Lichtenstein swipes err I mean prints etc etc

Kid said...

Ah, but did they have any original Baxendales, Baves or Reids? I do! Now there's an idea - I'll start charging my friends a fiver every time they visit me. I'll even throw in a cuppa and a biccie. Wotta bargain! I'll be rich in no time.

Phil S said...

I would definitely get a Dennis the Menace shirt

Kid said...

Then you're obviously a man of taste and discernment, Phil.

tongalad said...

Some great photaes, great day oot....nice wee writeup to.

Kid said...

Indeed it was, TGL. And if I had a £1 for every time I was asked for my autograph, well - I'd be skint.

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