Sunday, 27 October 2013


LUIS BERMEJO ROJO was born in Madrid in 1931 and worked
for many companies as a book illustrator and comic artist throughout
his long career, including U.S. publishers WARREN and DC COMICS.
His work appeared in U.K. comics such as EAGLE, TELL ME WHY,
ONCE UPON A TIME and FANTASTIC, where he drew the fondly
recalled (by people of a certain age, obviously) JOHNNY FUTURE.
(See? Who said this blog wasn't educational?)
Right, that's the introduction out of the way - now let's get
into the power-packed action! And away we goooooo!


PhilSee said...

Kid, the posts keep comin' thick and fast! Thanks for sharing more JF. For all of his super powers poor Johnny could do with one that fends off mind control; first the animal man now this dude. Another close up face, the one of JF in the previous installment, aside from being so skillfully rendered, reminded this reader of Johnny's Missing Link past.
Great to see these.

Kid said...

Glad that you're enjoying them, Phil. I live to please. (Apart from those who'd be pleased if I threw myself off a bridge, obviously.)

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